Women’s self-defense is a hot topic that has been around many feminine online forums. Women are often more vulnerable to violence and attack because we are more physically fragile and less able to defend ourselves. Therefore, it is a must that we, as women, learn and prepare ourselves well with proper knowledge on self-protection. 

Understand these needs; we will provide you with some basic women self-defense tips and other relevant information in this post. Let’s start! 

Why and How to Protect Yourself?

Women’s sexual harassment and assault are highly prevalent in American society. The January 2018 survey of 1,000 women nationwide reported that 81% experience some form of sexual harassment or assault during their lifetime (verbal abuse was the most common). More than half were touched or groped without consent; 27% survived a sexual attack.

Knowing your possible solutions before an incident can make all the difference. It is important to know how to protect yourself if you ever find yourself in such circumstances – knowing your possible solutions before an incident can make all the difference!

Besides, research reveals astonishing results of positive results on women learning self-defense, such as enhancing confidence, having a more positive view about their bodies, being more skillful in dealing with abuse or assault situations, etc.

In the content below, we will provide you insights about self-defense for women in terms of weapons and techniques. Continue reading!

Women Self Defense Techniques:

  • Groin Kick

A groin kick is most effective when fighting someone who attacks you face to face. A powerful enough force could paralyze them in this situation, allowing you safe passage away from their grasp.

To perform it, stabilize yourself first. Lift the dominant leg from the ground, then start to drive the knee upward with force while extending that same leg forward with a lean back for more momentum. Finally, make contact between the foot’s lower ball and the attacker’s groin area when kicking them forcefully.

  • Hammer Strike:

Have the keys stick out at one side of the fist if you feel in danger while walking in solitude areas. Fingernails are more likely to injure you than help; instead, use the key as a weapon by swinging it like a club and aiming towards pressure points such as knees or shins.

Another method to utilize the keys is by clicking them onto a lanyard in order to swing at the attacker.

To perform the key flicking technique, hold your keys as you would hammer with them sticking out at an angle from the side of your hand. Next, swing it down towards whatever needs to be unlocked as if hitting something really hard and sturdy.

  • Heel Palm

To perform this move, stand facing your opponent as much as possible. With the dominant hand, flex the wrist. Aim for either the attacker’s nose or underneath their chin by jabbing at them from the nostrils and throat. Pull back quickly to thrust up and backward on the head, causing staggering backward allowing escape of grasp.

  • Elbow Strike

If the attacker stands in close distance and you cannot get enough space for a strong kick or punch, ensure that you have a sturdy base by bracing yourself with both feet planted firmly on the ground. 

Bend one of your arms at the elbow, then shift weight forward as you strike an elbow into their jawline, neck, temple, or chin. This possibly causes the attacker to loosen his grip, as he cannot hold onto anything else but air, allowing you room to escape!


Alternative For Elbow Strike:

If you are initially attacked at the front, lift the elbow at shoulder level and pivot on the same-side foot. Let your hips rotate through to put more momentum into striking with the elbow’s front part.

  • Side headlock Escape:

In case your head is locked by the attacker’s arm, you need to prevent yourself from getting choked. Particularly, turn into them as much as possible and strike at their groin with open-handed slaps until you have enough mobility to turn out of it altogether.



  • Bear Hug Defense

When an attacker comes up behind you, it’s time to utilize this move! Focus on creating space between yourself and the person until they can no longer hurt you.

To perform, flex forward at the waist while shifting your body weight forward. This will give you an ideal angle to attack their face with your elbows and create space for escape if needed.

  • Hands Trapped Escape

If the attacker comes behind and locks your arms, shift to one side using a kick on the groin. Once you have an opening in their hold, turn into it while also keeping tight with elbows around yourself to avoid being held tighter. Keep counterattacking until they release or disengage themselves!

Women Self Defense Tips: 

Suppose your physical conditions do not allow you to perform these defense techniques and moves, equip yourself with female concealed carry options weapons which can be found at Dinosaurized

Learn how to utilize that equipment properly or make use of any personal or close-reached items such as a rock, a pencil, a book, the phone, the purse, the briefcase, etc. 

Other useful tips to protect yourself:

  • Avoid going to deserted places alone at night.
  • If you spot someone following behind you, walk into a shop or store for help. 
  • Dial the police if you feel the danger
  • Always prepare defense equipment!



The best way to protect yourself is by being aware of your surroundings and knowing how to defend yourself. Many self-defense techniques and defense weapons can help, but it’s important to learn how to do and use them properly, so they’re effective in real-life situations. We hope these women’s self-defense tips are helpful for you! 


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