Winter Home Heating With An Outdoor Wood Furnace


As the temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, you may be eager to start a wood pile outside your house in order to enjoy the benefits of adding warmth to your home. Outdoor wood furnaces are a popular choice for winter home heating. They provide an affordable and efficient way to heat your home without using any fuel other than firewood. 

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when purchasing an outdoor wood furnace. First, make sure the model you choose can handle the kind of weather you live in. Some models are designed for colder climates, while others are better suited for warmer climates. Second, make sure the furnace has been properly maintained and inspected by a professional. Finally, be sure to stock up on firewood before winter hits!

Types of Wood for a Wood Furnace

There are many types of wood that can be used for a wood furnace. The most common type of wood used for furnaces is oak. Other types of wood that can be used for furnaces include pine, cedar, hickory, and maple. 

Oak is the most common type of wood used for furnaces because it is strong and lasts long. Oak is also the cheapest type of wood to use for a furnace. Pine is next in popularity because it is also strong and lasts long, but it is not as expensive as oak. Cedar is slightly more expensive than pine, but it also has a longer lifespan than pine. Hickory is the most expensive type of wood used for furnaces, but it also has the longest lifespan of any type of wood. Maple is the least common type of wood used for furnaces because it does not have as much strength as other types of wood, and it costs more than other types of wood.

Benefits of Using an Outdoor Wood Furnace

There are many benefits to using an outdoor wood furnace during the winter months. The main benefits of using an outdoor wood furnace are that it is environmentally friendly, it is efficient, and it is a reliable source of heat. It is a renewable energy source that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it can help save on your heating bill, since you won’t need to use as much energy to keep your home warm. Plus, it is a fantastic way to add some extra warmth and character to your home during the colder months.

How to Build an Outdoor Wood Furnace

Building an outdoor wood furnace is a great way to heat your home in the winter. You can use it to heat up whole rooms or just specific sections of your home. The main thing to keep in mind when building your furnace is that the size and shape of the burn barrel will determine how much heat it produces.

To build your own wood furnace, start by measuring the outside dimensions of your burn barrel. Make sure the barrel is at least 18 inches wide and 26 inches long. Cut the barrel out of a sturdy piece of wood using a saw or a circular saw.

Next, build a stand for your burn barrel using two 2×4s spaced about 18 inches apart. Drill holes in each 2×4 for mounting purposes. Screw the stand to the barrel using screws about every 6 inches along the top and bottom of both pieces.

Now you’re ready to fill your burn barrel with all the combustible materials you need to produce heat, such as kindling, logs, branches, twigs, dried grasses, and straw bales. Make sure you have enough material so that there is at least an inch between each item and the sides of the barrel.

When filling your burn barrel, be sure to stack all of your combustible materials on top of one another so that they are tightly packed down. Be careful not to spill any fuel onto yourself or onto surfaces around your furnace area; this could create serious fire hazards!


If you live in a cold climate, then you know that a traditional furnace isn’t always the best option when it comes to heating your home during the winter. An outdoor wood furnace may be just what you need to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long! Not only is it incredibly efficient, but it also adds character and warmth to any room in your home. If you are interested in learning more about how an outdoor wood furnace can help you heat your home this winter, be sure to check out our webpage on the topic!

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