Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

After emerging from the COVID-19 lockdown, everyone is flocking to flight comparison sites to get the best deals for their next vacation. Despite this, what if you took a different approach and used your newfound freedom to facilitate the freedom of those less fortunate than yourself? Instead of simply donating to charities such as ILM UK, you can make a personal difference in the poorest of countries across the globe. From India to Malawi to Kenya, there are so many countries that are in dire need of assistance. Read on to discover why you should volunteer abroad. 

You Get to Aid a Project that Speaks to You

First and foremost, physically traveling to a country and putting the work in to improve it deepens your personal connection with the project. As a result, you’re much more likely to get something from the experience and invest yourself in it as much as possible. Additionally, you’re able to choose exactly which project you partake in. For instance, you may have suffered from a medical condition in the past and you want to alleviate this same suffering of others. Alternatively, you may have had a trying childhood and you don’t want other children to endure this. Whatever your reason for helping is, you need to let it be your driving force. 

You Gain a Fresh Perspective

It’s very easy to become consumed by your personal problems, which, in the long run, may not be that serious. Seeing what other people must endure makes you realize just how blessed you are; you might have a small apartment, but you have a roof over your head, your job may be tedious, but you have a means of income, the cost of food may be increasing, but you have something to eat. Ultimately, volunteering enables people to return with a greater understanding of the lives of others, as well as a greater appreciation of their own. 

You See the World

Traveling the world is something that sits atop many people’s bucket lists, but how amazing would it be to simultaneously experience and change the world? Not only this, but volunteering will open your eyes to a part of the world that you wouldn’t encounter on a vacation. When traveling, it’s easy to view the world through rose-tinted glasses; after all, why wouldn’t you want to visit the best of the best? Despite this, this is no way to awaken our awareness of what really goes on in the world and doesn’t facilitate the assistance of others. 

You Make a Real Difference

It’s not uncommon for people to ask themselves whether they are a good person. This is such a tricky question to answer with multiple layers and various perspectives attached to it. Basically, whether or not someone is a good person is quite subjective but, by doing good deeds, you can at least say you’ve made an effort to make a positive impact. Additionally, the work you put in volunteering by no means results in a temporary result; not only will you change someone’s day, but you’ll potentially change their life. You can also complement it with social work courses that will help you learn how to make a positive impact. A social worker’s job is to improve the lives of people in society, thus making a difference in their lives.

You Become a Part of a Community

When volunteering, you’ll spend weeks or even months in the same place, meaning you’ll inevitably become part of a wider community. This is a community that you would have never encountered if you didn’t take up the opportunity to volunteer. As a result, you’ll almost have gained an overseas family, as the impact you’ll have made to them will be huge, resulting in a close-knit bond that couldn’t be achieved on a typical vacation. 

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