Why Should You Get a Timber Bed for Your Home?

We spend a lot of time sleeping. Our beds are the key feature of our houses, providing us with excellent comfort while we sleep, rest, and watch movies. However, did you realise that the quality of your bed influences your sleep? A good bed, being the focal point of any bedroom, should complement your home’s design aesthetic and be solid and long-lasting, such as a timber bed.

Continue reading to learn more about why a timber bed might be the bed of your dream.

Fashionable and Timeless

Furnishings and natural wood treatments are already fashionable, as several 2022 home design trends predict. Because of its variety, character, natural warmth, and versatility, timber is gradually favoured in the home over synthetic and manufactured materials, and the bedroom will be no exception.

A timber bed may stand out or blend in depending on your design, and since most pieces are made of wood, it is usually quite easy to match it with other furnishings in the room, such as a Tasmanian oak dining table.

Furthermore, not all timber beds are boring and unappealing. The tan and brown marble grass colour scheme of a mixed or split species piece is striking and rare in and of itself. It may look the same in a sprawling country estate or a minimalist and sleek plain colour palette apartment; all it needs is the right design and location.

Long-term, Safe and Strong

A timber bed should be strong enough to support two individuals, a spouse, and a family pet. It is a frame in one part or section that is usually relatively easy to operate and manufacture.

Above all, a solid foundation implies a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is crucial for ensuring that our brains and bodies get enough rest and rejuvenate to function at full capacity the next day. A disturbed or restless sleep pattern may be harmful to our health in the long term.

Moreover, timber bed slats and frames are less likely to squeak or creak than other bed frames, like brass or metal, and will not keep you awake at night if you move while sleeping.

Additionally, hardwood is a low-maintenance natural product. Therefore, it’s no wonder a timber bed frame has grown in popularity. Also, unlike upholstered and fabric choices, a hardwood foundation and bedhead that are simple to maintain and clean with oil, wax, or water may help to avoid allergies caused by dust.

Checklist of Tips for Buying a Timber Bed

Here are the most important factors to consider when buying a timber bed.

Choose Bed’s Location and Room’s Size and Type

Before acquiring a timber bed:

  1. Use a measuring tape to determine the available floor space. This one can help you choose a mattress that fits the room’s measurements.
  2. Because a bed improves the aesthetic appeal of a room, choose a bed design that matches the placement of the bed.
  3. Take a moment to visualise and ponder the area before ending.

Check the Timber Type

The type of timber you pick influences your mattress’s gloss, quality, texture, and life expectancy.

Softwood Beds

Tree species like pine, fir, cedar, juniper, spruce, yew, and redwood provide softwood. It is less costly than hardwood and is used to produce low-cost bed frames, furniture, windows, doors, paper, and other items.

Hardwood Beds

As the name indicates, hardwood is more solid than softwood. It is wood from angiosperm trees like teak, Sheesham, oak, maple, mahogany, beech, alder, ash, birch, maple, and walnut. The most crucial feature of hardwood is its fire resistance, which makes it the best choice for higher mattresses.

Styles of Timber Beds

The idea that style and timber cannot combine has never been more false than today. Let’s examine the different styles of timber beds.

Cottage. If you are fascinated with anything, a cottage bed with intricate features on the headboard is fashioned out of wood just for you.

Traditional. It is designed to transfer you to another era. With its distinctive vintage design and perfect wood, this bed will attract everyone’s attention.

Modern. It is visually appealing and useful. With no extra decorative elements, these beds mix perfectly with any area and add to their charm.

Mission. The ideal finishing touch for an elegant bedroom. The horizontal lines on the footboard and headboard distinguish it from the rest of the furniture in the room.

Country. Consider incorporating a country-style bed into your life if you find modern city living tiresome and your mind longs for the countryside. This bed, built of semi-polished wood and including an extra headboard, may bring a rustic touch to your space.


The timber bed is environmentally friendly, allowing you to sleep well at night knowing that you have contributed to the improvement of the environment. This bed is also a healthy option since it fulfils its promise to protect you while you sleep.

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