Why crypto bet football is popular in betting

In addition to traditional methods of replenishing a deposit, many bookmaker companies offer to deposit funds in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is especially often used for this. American football betting, a discipline beloved by many bettors, is no exception.

Pros of having a cryptocurrency betting account

In 2021, many platforms are offering bitcoin football betting. Although cryptocurrency transactions still account for only 1% of the total number of money transfers, the popularity of blockchain technology is growing every year. Football betting bitcoin is profitable and convenient to make for the following reasons:

  • security – no one can interfere with the execution of an operation with bitcoin, because the system is decentralized;
  • anonymity – absolutely everyone can use digital currency, and to start a BTC wallet, you do not need to enter passport data;
  • savings – low commissions;
  • volatility – you can make money not only on rates using bitcoin but also on the growth of the cryptocurrency rate.

Bitcoin volatility has both a plus and a minus. Cryptocurrency can not only rise in price but also fall to zero at any time. Many are stopped from investing in bitcoin by the fact that one day its rate may crash วิธีแทงบอลufabet.

How to football betting bitcoin

The crypto bet football is no different from the usual one. You need to register, go through verification, and replenish the deposit using a bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin football betting process depends a lot on the bookmaker you choose. For example, in Sportbet the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • register via e-mail;
  • come up with a password;
  • confirm age;
  • conveniently replenish the deposit;
  • at the top of the site there is a list of available disciplines (tennis, football, American football, basketball, rugby, e-sports, table tennis, and others), select the one you want;
  • a line of nearest events will appear in a new window.

If this is a crypto bet football, then in 2021 they are betting on the NFL and the NSAA. These are matches between the teams of the US National Football League, as well as games of the National University Sports Association.

By selecting the NFL bitcoin betting, a list of upcoming events, team names, odds, handicap, and total appears.

Newbie NFL Betting Tips

For many, American football is an unusual discipline, but for betters, this sport is very attractive. First, he likes the regularity of the matches. Second, it is quite easy to predict the winner using qualitative analysis. For NFL bitcoin betting to be profitable, you need to follow these tips:

  • pay a lot of attention to statistics;
  • monitor rosters;
  • not conclude teams in the first weeks of the NFL;
  • avoid long express trains;
  • in the playoffs, all teams have maximum motivation.

Keeping an eye on rosters means monitoring line-up changes and injury news. Football players often break down, not only in public at matches but also during training. All personnel news can be read on the social networks of the team of interest.


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