Why Class 12 Students Should Make Use Of RS Aggarwal Solutions For That Extra Kick

Mathematics in Class 12 can be difficult for students from the point of view of the Board examination. In general, it is a subject that will eventually become complex when you create a notion in your mind that is difficult to tackle. In reality, maths is the subject that will have a significant impact on your performance in the CBSE Board examinations. It is a scoring subject and has to be tackled with thorough knowledge and correct application of Formulae through stepwise logical approaches. Mathematics requires concept clarity and regular practice of those concepts. This article will help you in maximizing your performance by providing reasons to follow RS Aggarwal’s reference books to prepare for the board exams. RS Aggarwal Solutions are comprehensive and designed in a lucid manner which enables successful preparation for the students. You can have a look at RS Aggarwal Class 12 Solutions in PDF here. It is essential to refer to RS Aggarwal’s book for Class 12 Mathematics because of the following benefits:


  • It follows the latest exam pattern proposed by the CBSE for Class 12 and is strictly based upon the syllabus issued by the board for Class 12. Though NCERT is the best book as far as the clarity of the basic concepts is concerned, reference to RS Aggarwal will expand the understanding of those fundamentals and provide additional knowledge about them. It is essential to stick to the syllabus because many questions are asked in the examination directly from the NCERT and RS Aggarwal textbooks. Preparation from Exemplar along with RS Aggarwal will boost your preparation for sure. Another important factor is that the solutions are prepared in correspondence with the Marking Scheme provided by the CBSE for Class 12. Going through the solutions will help in determining the necessary steps to include while solving the questions. It is important to answer questions according to the marking scheme to fetch good marks. It is the small things that can make a big difference in your overall performance.
  • Provides a bulk of questions to practice. Maths is all about clarity of concepts and regular practice. There is no other way than rigorous practice to tackle tough topics. These topics should be covered in and out by devoting sufficient time and effort. RS Aggarwal has many high-level questions for developing a critical understanding of concepts that require more attention and focus. Moreover, the questions are correlated to the NCERT textbook so, it is highly unlikely that the questions in RS Aggarwal are out of the syllabus or too difficult to solve. It is also evident that the questions given in RS Aggarwal are more intricate and thus enable a better, in-depth understanding of the concepts. RS Aggarwal serves a different purpose than other reference books because questions in this book are not repetitive, making it perfect for self-study and practicing a large number of questions which are although different but based upon the same concept. 
  • The Examples provided in the RS Aggarwal Solutions are expansive and easy to comprehend by the students because they are relatable to real-life situations. The difficult concepts should be understood with the usage of proper real-life examples as these will automatically clear all the doubts related to a particular concept. Even though there are other reference books, solving RS Aggarwal will boost your self-confidence as the book offers many tricky questions to solve. CBSE is constantly changing the way the questions are framed and students are tested based on their fundamental understanding of concepts.
  • Solving the RS Aggarwal Solutions will trigger Self- Evaluation and that forms a crucial part of the preparation for the CBSE board exam because sufficient practice can go in vain if not backed by an unbiased self-evaluation. It is important to know your strengths as well as weaknesses to prepare a schedule and follow it regularly. Devoting sufficient time to those topics that require special attention and revision of other topics should be balanced accordingly. The self-evaluation also helps in figuring out the changes needed in the study strategy to allocate the desired time to each topic.
  • RS Aggarwal Solutions also focuses on the Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers. Solving the sample papers will provide important knowledge about the type of questions to expect in the exam, the difficulty level of the examination, and determining the correct approach to follow while solving the questions. A systematic approach is to be followed to solve each question. Moreover, the RS Aggarwal Solutions also provide more than one ways to solve a particular question. So students can easily decide the approach they consider easier and more time-efficient because effective time management during the exam is essential. The most distinctive feature of RS Aggarwal is that the book is considerably distinct and to the point, compared to its lengthy alternatives. 
  • Revision becomes Easy and Efficient because topic-wise concepts are explained comprehensively to enable better understanding with minimal effort. Furthermore, it is important to note that the solutions come in handy as and when the exam approaches, and significantly less time remains for revision. It is convenient to revise using the solutions by practicing some questions related to a particular topic and moving on to the next topic immediately rather than using the textbook for reference all over again. Textbooks are essential without any doubt, but they’ll hinder productivity during the revision phase. So, it is suggested that RS Aggarwal Solutions should be used for the revision of various topics.


So, these were the benefits that RS Aggarwal Solutions has to offer for the students. Maths demands practice and concept clarity. The reference book you choose for preparation will not determine your level of understanding but the regular practice of concepts will. Sufficient Practice and Hard work will help you score good marks in the CBSE board examination. All you need to do is focus and avoid every distraction that diverts your attention and concentration. The level of practice corresponds to the clarity of concepts that will improve your performance in the exam. Wishing you the best of luck with your upcoming exams!


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