Posture is a very important thing that changes your way of life greatly. Your posture may affect how you feel about yourself. A good upright posture will give you higher levels of energy, relief from neck tension, more confidence, back and shoulder issues, migraine reliance, and support for your chronic back pains. 


Which of the 5 Posture types are you?

The five main types of posture are as given below:

  • Healthy posture 
  • Kyphosis posture 
  • Flatback posture 
  • Swayback posture 
  • Forward head posture 


These posture types can greatly affect your everyday life and how you lead it. But what are these types, and do you even have a posture corrector for the remaining four postures into a good posture? Well, let’s see. 


  • Good Posture:

Having a good posture must keep your whole body perfectly aligned. When you are standing, if you have the ears lined up on your shoulder. Your shoulder is lined on your hips, and your hips are aligned on your ankles. You are standing in a healthy posture. 


Good sitting posture also includes your two feet flat over the ground, upright shoulders, engaged or even distribution of your weight on both hips. Sitting in a cross-legged position may cause a misalignment in your spine and hips. Practicing a good posture and keeping the spine aligned are major things you can do for the back and good health. 


  • Kyphosis:

This is the second one in types of posture types. Kyphosis is a common condition resulting in your forward rounding of the upper back area. Compared to your natural curves with the curvature of 20-50 degrees, this condition brings you an excess curve greater than 50 degrees. This causes you to have a hunch back and also makes you look like you are slouching. 

This condition may often be seen at any age but is often seen among older women after the condition of osteoporosis weakens their bones in the spine until that compress and crack. They might have to wear a back brace for posture in this case.


  • Flatback:

As you know, the spine has its very natural curve. It has two curves that make an S shape. But when you have a flatback syndrome, your spine loses a lower curve and becomes flat. This makes your spine get imbalanced, and you tend to lean forward. If you have this issue, you may suffer from standing straight issues and can have constant leg pain. 


  • Swayback:

When your natural curve posture exaggerates your spinal curve, it can become a swayback; the spine curves inside the lower back and neck area when you get this kind of back posture. It mostly causes you to have back pain and feelings of discomfort and also causes you to move difficultly. When you suffer from swayback, it might appear that you are sticking your stomach out and your buttocks. 


  • Forward head or neck:

In this one of the posture types, the head and neck are directed in a forward position where the head can extend out ahead from your shoulders. It is very common these days than ever for those who experience tech neck conditions. It is caused due to a constant hunching because of the usage of computers and phones. 


In these conditions, you need to have the right kind of neck posture corrector, such as the ones sold by WorldBrace. You can get your posture fixed and make yourself have a normal posture. If you are also wondering which of the 5 posture types are you, you can study your symptoms and match them from above. Your will hence fix your back posture.

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