Where Can I Study CFA Programs in Singapore?

Has it reached the time for you to look for the best learning center where you can study and prepare for CFA Exams? Then don’t hesitate to reach Kaplan, the leading CFA Exam preparation in Singapore. Kaplan gives you an opportunity to begin your journey to build a strong reputation in charter holding. See what they have for you here; https://www.kaplan.com.sg/course/all/accounting-banking-finance/preparatory-course-for-chartered-financial-analyst-cfa/

All CFA Exam packages are available that will enable you to choose the best suitable. This means you will learn what you need and fully prepare for exams with well-analyzed resources. Each level of the CFA study package has a unique way of presenting the exam preparation. For example, Level I encompasses testing the comprehension and knowledge of tools’ investment, professional and ethical standards.

The curriculum offered in Level I is based on naturing the learner to recall definitions and formulas through memorizing. To better the memorizing strategy, the concept is covered by the use of explicit materials in learning presentations. But the pass rate in this level is considered to be lower than the other 3 Levels, recording 42% of candidates who pass.

In Level II CFA exams, there is the testing of application and analysis based on asset valuation, testing how there is the application of standards in issues facing analysts. Therefore, the exam will need you to demonstrate the tool’s application to show that you understand how the valuation of assets relates to financial data. In other words, memorizing the concept only for Level II won’t help. In most cases, Level II is considered hard in passing the test, recording a pass rate of 45% of the candidates. But the Level II employs multiple tools and materials that help the learner capture and build the concept and have the knowledge to apply in the exam.

In the Level III CFA exam study package, you will be required to demonstrate skills of Level II during the exam. Here, the main focus is testing your ability to make and write judgment calls. Unlike the previous exams in Level I and II, which may have multiple choices as answers, expect that not to be in Level III exams as it includes answering open-ended questions. Although it seems challenging, Level III records a good level of pass rate, with 56% of candidates passing the exam. The pass rate is boosted by the tools that help you master what you study and practice the ability to answer different set questions.

What are the requirements to sit for the CFA exam in Singapore?

If you want to enroll in Kaplan CFA programs in Singapore, meet the following requirements

  • Have a travel passport if you are not Singapore’s citizen
  • Acquired equivalent program or related program bachelor’s degree 
  • Have professional work experience totaling 4000 hours.


Studying or getting prepared for CFA exams in Singapore can help you achieve the best, but only if you consider taking it through Kaplan. Kaplan CFA exams offer all program studies you need to cover levels I, II, and III.  




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