Wheezing and asthma – All about it

Wheezing is the whistling wheezing and asthmatic which is seen during breathing. This happens when the airways get too narrow due to inflammation. It happens mostly when you breathe out and it is a symptom of asthma. Other asthma symptoms include cough, breath shortness, and chest tightness. People who are suffering from asthma might face one or all three symptoms.

Wheezing and asthma – the common symptom

It is said that wheezing is one of the most common asthma symptoms and this is the reason why a lot of asthma patients seek medical help. During wheezing, you hear a high-pitched sound of the whistle while breathing through the mouth and nose. In most cases, wheezing is a common occurrence that is heard during inhaling and exhaling. Such a wheezing sound happens when the lungs are narrow. This narrowing of the lungs mostly occurs due to inflammation because the flow of air inside isn’t smooth.

The inflammatory response is a part of asthma and is the real reason behind inflammation. Other disorders like vocal cord problems, pneumonia, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) can also give rise to wheezing.

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What does wheezing indicate?

Wheezing and asthma are often mentioned together and there is a reason for this. The problem of wheezing is serious and it shouldn’t be ignored as it is a symptom of asthma. Based on the medical history and the symptoms that your body might show, the doctor may classify it as asthma.

  • Chest tigh Wheezing and asthma symptomstness
  • Breathlessness
  • Chronic cough (this gets worse at night)

Should I see a doctor?

Talk to a doctor online in the following two cases:

If you have just started wheezing.

If the problem of wheezing is persistent and gets worse.

If you have seen a doctor and if he says that the wheezing problem isn’t asthmatic still you shouldn’t ignore it. The physician might ask you a lot of questions about your health history and the symptoms that you are suffering from right now. You can try different methods for getting rid of asthma.

If you are suffering from asthmatic wheezing for a long time then it might mean that your current medication isn’t any good. Wheezing and asthma together indicate that asthma has gone a bit too far and it is time to take care. You can find effective asthma medication at affordable prices, and even find discounted prices when you search coupons for Symbicort.

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