What to Wear to a Pakistani Wedding as a Guest in Canada

It’s always a pleasure to be a guest at the wedding! You get to dress up in such a way to impress friends and family. Your attire should be in a suitable color, not too tight and not too loose to enjoy the wedding. You will take a selfie without feeling restricted.

And when it comes to good clothes, fancy Pakistani clothes are an example of their own. It is not easy to find out the best outfit you can wear on the day.

So where can you get these beautiful clothes? Now you don’t have to go anywhere? You can get all these at Pakistani designer clothes by IZ Emporium in the way of just a click.

These clothes have been enriched with attractive designs and excellent fabric quality at affordable prices. Apart from this, you will also find all kinds of latest fashion trends—famous brands’ collections in one window, unstitched to stitch clothes.

Let us now tell you about all the dresses you can wear as a Wedding Guest.

Lehenga Saree

A lehenga-style saree is a perfect outfit for you. It represents the epitome of tradition and legacy. The choli or dupatta should drape over the skirt in a certain way. It is a most demanding outfit recently, and especially when you are a bridal friend, you defiantly wear it.  


Sarees are renowned for having captivated millions of people worldwide. It demonstrates 

Cultural and geographical diversity. Sarees are elegant, simple, and come in a stunning array. If you want to look strikingly beautiful, then Saree is the ideal choice. But as a guest at a wedding, you should avoid wearing too much jewelry since this would overpower the saree’s beauty.


Sharara dresses are trendy these days. These dresses add to the modern style, but they also maintain the classic look.

Many females prefer shararas to lehengas because they are easier to carry. However, some females wear them with long-sleeved shirts and others with short-sleeved shirts. It is a loose, wide-leg, flared trouser that may be worn as casual or formal attire.

Luxury Long Frock

A stunning formal or wedding ensemble created with a well-chosen long frock dress design adorned with elegant embroidery. You have many options for clothing in the summer, but for weddings or other events in the winter, you should have a fabulous long frock dress.

Similarly, these long dresses appear much more stunning on little girls. Consider yourself in a long dress, high heels, and matching jewelry! Isn’t it tempting?

If you are a sister of the bride or simply attending a wedding function, a richly adorned floor-length long dress will catch everyone’s attention.


Maxi is currently dominating the market, as they should! Something as fashionable and sophisticated as a wonderfully patterned maxi can help you achieve a well-confident, acceptable appearance as a wedding guest.

While this is an ideal style for small wedding gatherings, you can also watch for a heavier maxi with gold embroidered work that you can wear to weddings.

Paired with a dupatta such as a patola print dupatta, this ensemble is excellent for times you want to wear something magnificent but still comfy.

Elegant Ethnic Wear- Lehenga Choli

The lehenga choli is elegantly presented in several ethnic attires. One of the most popular ethnic clothes for ladies nowadays is the sari.

Ankle-length lehenga choli is an unparalleled charm and beauty. An elegant lehenga blouse, long skirt, and choli or dupatta are the components of this stunning ethnic ensemble. As a wedding guest, lehenga choli can be worn in various ways in different settings.

Shalwar Kameez

Are you looking for a shalwar kameez style that stuns everyone? Here you have it. Make your kameez’s neckline prominent and combine it with a shalwar. You will look stunning in this new shalwar kameez pattern.

It is a pretty comfortable dress. Many girls and mature women like to wear it. With some embroidery works on the shirt provide you ultimate look.  

This shalwar kameez style is a must-have for you. A slight accent transforms your casual outfit into a sophisticated one. Don’t put off adding a formal style kameez shalwar to your wardrobe.

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