What To Look For When Buying CBD Oil

In health stores and even pharmacies, CBD oil is now easily available for sale, and for a good reason. A single look at the shelves will reveal over a hundred different brands of CBD oil, each with different promises and price points. This then begs the question: which CBD oil is worth your money?

Dieticians and health experts admit that the quality of CBD varies widely between products and brands. This is because each brand’s quality, bioavailability, and potency will differ, even though their molecular structure might remain the same. The following paragraphs highlight some things to look out for when buying CBD oil.

THC Content

The substance inside CBD that makes you feel ‘high’ is known as THC. THC is also considered the principal psychoactive compound every type of cannabis possesses. It is first important to note that most CBD brands on the market, like OTO CBD oil, are not non-psychoactive.

When purchasing CBD oil, it is advised that you look out for brands that are entirely THC-free before making a decision.


How much CBD is present in your chosen CBD oil? This is a question you must ask whenever you want to make a purchase. Several products claim to have CBD as part of their ingredients but instead contain unnecessary fillers and preservatives that affect the overall potency of the product. As a general rule of thumb, the shorter the ingredient list, the purer the CBD oil is likely to be. When purchasing a specific product, the first thing to do is scan the list of ingredients, especially the first four.


How well the CBD oil is absorbed by your body refers to the bioavailability of your oil. The higher the bioavailability, the more said product will be delivered into your bloodstream and carried around to all other body parts for work to commence. With CBD oil, the higher the bioavailability percentage, the more effective the product is and the quicker the product will reach your circulation. Most CBD oils are micro-emulsified, which means they are engineered to offer total bioavailability. Micro-emulsification results in your CBD oil having over 98% of active CBD absorbed by your body per dosage.


The best way to tell the efficiency of a product is to research those who have used it before you. It is no different when searching for the best CBD oil. Take a moment to draw back from the shelves and search the internet for reviews. You can look through the brand’s website and product feedback.

Is it sold to tested retailers? Do customers make long-term purchases? And does the website layout all the science backing the product in an accessible way? Finding out this information will go a long way to help you make the best decision, even if it’s not the cheapest.

CBD is not a magic product that cures everything; nothing in this world is. But the good thing is, CBD has studies that back its ability to reduce inflammation, relieve chronic pain and anxiety, and even improve skin composition and health.

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