What to Consider When Choosing a Translation Agency

All business decisions are important. When you are choosing a translation agency to work with, it’s vital to make the right choice, otherwise, there are many issues which could arise.

In a globalised world, translation services are paramount to any business wanting to scale up. It’s not only business, but authors, those emigrating across the world, and service providers all need access to translation services. The clientele for translation services is growing rapidly, and globally. This growth in demand means growth in translation services. Consequently, providing you with more choice – so where do you start when deciding which translation agency to work with?

There are plenty of factors to consider and this article provides an overview of the most important.

Do You Have Native Translators?

Cultural knowledge is important when choosing a translation agency. There are so many nuances and intricacies to consider when translating one language to another. Therefore, it’s highly valuable to choose an agency that offers native translators. For example, if you are translating your business from English to German, hiring a German linguist to do the job would benefit you so much more since they are native and have an exceptional understanding of the German language. A sound cultural awareness is key in the success of translating content from one language to another Filipino Translator.

Do You Have the Right Expertise for This Job?

Expert knowledge is another factor which is often overlooked but is incredibly important. For example, if you need to translate legal documents from one language to another, it’s not only important to find a translator with cultural knowledge but also legal knowledge. While a great command over language is essential when choosing translators, it’s also essential for translators to have a good idea about the topic. Therefore, when choosing a translator, be sure to look at their background and expertise in different subjects to make sure they suit the job well. Lack of expertise in a subject could lead to a generic translation which must be avoided.

How Many Languages Do You Deal With?

The language portfolio of a translation agency is another important factor to look at. Consider how many languages an agency deals in. Perhaps having a portfolio of two languages is enough for your business right now, but what about the future? It’s always best to work with translators who deal in all the major languages in the world. That way, should you wish to expand your business in the future, you won’t have to work with multiple agencies or repeat the process of choosing another agency.

How Fast Can You Work?

How quickly do your translators work? In business, time is money. Therefore, it’s important to look at the turnaround time for translator agencies. Work with agencies who work to strict deadlines as this is a sign of professionalism and shows they are equipped to work well with different projects. If an agency doesn’t offer strict deadlines, it can suggest they outsource a lot of work and have little control of the quality.

What’s Your Price?

Finally, money is a huge factor is any business decision. To succeed with business, costs need to be as low as possible, while profits need to be driven up. When searching and choosing a translation agency, there are those who will lure you in with very attractive quotes but end up disappointing you with the quality of their work. In contrast, expensive services may simply be overpriced. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and potentially shortlist a handful of translating agencies and ask quoted from them before settling. You need one that promises you the best quality of work paired with good value for money.

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