Protein Essential For The Human Body

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients that our body needs to function properly. Each and every cell of our body contains some amount of protein. Protein creates a chain of amino acids that help in repairing cells and making new ones in the human body.


The name Protein comes from the Greek word ‘proteos’, which means primary or the first position. Protein is considered to be one of the most crucial macronutrients for the human body that not only helps in repairing cells but also promotes overall growth and development of the human body.


Why Is Protein Essential For The Human Body?

There are several factors that protein helps with when it comes to the growth and development of the human body. The major contributions of protein include:

  • Protein promotes overall growth and maintenance in a healthy way. The human body breaks down way more protein than it can create. Especially while recovering from surgery, illness, pregnancy, and other injuries, protein is needed even more in the body to repair and promote new cell development to have a healthier immune system.
  • Protein promotes healthy hair growth and nourishes your hair from within. It supplies the essential amino acids that eventually make keratin for our hair and body. In order to boost the natural keratin production in the human body, protein is extremely essential that promotes the process immensely.
  • Protein is also essential for suppressing the hunger hormone called ghrelin. It suppresses the hormone and keeps you full and energetic until your next meal.
  • Consuming around 30g to 35g protein in each meal of the day promotes healthy metabolism. It eventually leads to weight loss when you maintain a proper diet rich in vitamins, healthy minerals, fibre and protein.
  • Protein also promotes a healthy fluid balance and eyesight for the human body. It helps the blood to clot when needed and promotes healthy immune system responses.


How Does Protein Benefit The Skin?

Protein is one of the most essential building blocks of the skin tissue that makes your skin plump and healthy. It contains two essential amino acids- L-proline and L-lysine that help the skin with collagen production.


Protein also improves skin elasticity and overall skin health by maintaining a healthy hydration balance on the skin. By improving collagen production in the skin, protein helps you maintain tight yet soft skin for a long period when consumed properly. A healthy protein-rich diet can prevent signs of ageing, wrinkles, and saggy skin in the long run.

Making a proper diet plan that is rich in plant protein does not only help you achieve soft and plump skin but it can help your overall skin development by maintaining the hydration of your skin from the inside.

Benefits Of Plant-Based Protein

Protein is broken down into amino acids during the digestion process in the human body. They are mostly found in plant sources like soybeans, legumes, nuts and seeds, and some grains (quinoa and wheat germ). Your body needs around 0.8gm of protein per kg of your body weight for good health.


Therefore, a healthy woman should consume around 46 g of protein per day, and a healthy man should eat around 56 gm of protein on a daily basis for a healthy body.


Apart from providing your body with the building blocks for healthier tissues and muscles, plant protein also promotes weight loss when consumed properly. Plant proteins are extremely rich in essential nutrients and fibre. Some of the top sources of plant protein are almond butter, cheese seeds, hemp seeds, lentils, nuts, oatmeal, kale, and green peas.


Include a plant based protein powder in your diet to improve your skin and overall development of the human body.


If you are looking for the best plant-based protein option, consider including protein powders from bGREEN that are rich in protein, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to improve the human body and skin. It is 100% vegan protein powder that is curated mostly from brown rice and pea. It is created to match up the bodybuilders and athletes’ lifestyles by making up for the protein requirement on a daily basis. The protein powder is filled with 25g pure plant protein, full amino acids profile, enzymes, and essential vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin E that boosts your immune system and help you achieve and maintain a healthy body.


It promotes healthy and easy digestion by increasing metabolic rates in your body. It is hypoallergenic that causes lightness on the gut and prevents bloating and other stomach issues after every meal.


Protein is one of the most essential micronutrients that boost the immune system and improve the quality of your lifestyle when consumed properly. Plant-based protein sources are rich in fibre and essential nutrients that produce energy and promote the healthy development of your body. They not only help in improving the texture of your hair and skin but also boosts your immune system and makes you healthier and stronger in the long run.

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