What is the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Program? Should I Join One?

Also known by the name Stanford EPGY, the Stanford Pre Collegiate Study programs are a set of summer after-school programs. These programs are specially designed for high school students. Many people are unsure whether this one will be worthwhile to join and the possible benefits you can derive from these. If you too are curious about the same, here is all you need to know about these programs:

The Stanford Pre Collegiate Programs are curated for grades 8 to 11. These online programs are extended for two weeks and it is indeed a matter of pride and prestige for students to be taught under some of the leading professors of the globe. Apart from the fact that this will be utterly prestigious participation, you also stay ahead of your peers during college admission if you have participated in these programs. Doesn’t that sound interesting already? The tuition fee for the program is $2500. 

All You Need to Know About Pre-Collegiate Courses

In the platter of Stanford Pre Collegiate Programs, you get the most comprehensive Ala Carte assortment of courses, and you can choose your favorite ones. From philosophy to engineering, information technology to creative writing, these programs are all set to give your dreams a wing. During the two-week programs, you will encounter some premium training and a complete competency in the courses. The in-depth knowledge and gain in proficiency are the two core aims of these programs. 

With every passing year, the courses are expanding, and you eventually get more and more options to choose from. All the pre-collegiate programs at Stanford ensure the holistic development of the participants through a suitable environment and interaction with co-participants. 

There are multiple other programs at Stanford that you can choose from :

  • Stanford Summer Humanities Institute Program for 10th and 11th-grade students
  • Stanford Medical Youth Science Program for students of grade 11. It is a detailed five weeks program.
  • Stanford Math Circle. This program is extended for ten weeks, and anyone from grades 1 to 12 can participate in this program.
  • Stanford University Mathematics Camp for students of grades 10 and 11. It is a three weeks online program.
  • The Stanford Pre-Collegiate University level Online Math and Physics course is one of Stanford’s most hyped courses. The course is open for students of 9 to 12 grade. And continues over an entire semester.

Is it Worth it?

In a word, the answer is a massive Yes. Needless to say that Stanford has its golden prestige across the globe that has practically remained the same concrete for over decades. To join any program at Stanford is undoubtedly overwhelming. Apart from the prestige and glory, each of these courses has content. The courses’ planning and layout are in the participants’ best interests. Also, you get to learn from the best professors in the world. That is a great opportunity already. This program can act as one of the most important stepping stones of your future career. Exploring your interests at the pre-collegiate level through such a design course is a worthy investment. Also, the programs are short hence will not interfere with your regular course schedules. Overall, the pre-collegiate programs are excellent because of innumerable factors. They perfectly utilize time and energy to gain some solid knowledge and religious experience. Also, add a feather to your portfolio by participating in these.

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