What Is the Best Way to Fix an Underbite?

Did you know that your teeth are made up of pulp, root, dentin, and enamel? Your jaw is the building block of your mouth since it’s where your teeth grow. But what happens when the fit of your jaw is off and you have an underbite? 

Having an underbite can cause you to feel self-conscious, but could also cause physical problems including tooth decay and other ailments. You might feel overwhelmed and wonder what options that you have. Read this guide on different underbite treatment options to find your best option today!

Medical Treatment

When you’re looking to fix an underbite, medical treatment is the best option to make sure that your bite aligns properly. For non-surgical underbite treatment, your orthodontist might be able to use a dental appliance or braces to align your bite. 

In order to reduce overcrowding, they might need to remove some teeth. For more severe cases, your orthodontist might recommend that you speak with a maxillofacial surgeon and receive orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery). 

Underbite Surgery

Underbite surgery costs tend to be covered by insurance after you meet your deductible. Insurance and what you’ll receive will vary so it’s best to speak with an insurance agent. In order to have it covered by insurance in the United States, you might need to prove that it’s medically necessary. 

The surgeon separates the bone in the jaw’s front from the rear in order to modify it. This allows the part of the jaw to carry the lower teeth to be repositioned. 


Early treatment for underbites can include Invisalign if the underbite isn’t too severe. The great part about these is that you’re not limited to what you can and can’t eat like you are with braces. It could take a year or 2 if you choose this method. 

Reverse Pull-Face Mask

This is the best underbite treatment for children to fix an underbite. It’s for children under 10 before their bones fuse. 

It wraps around your child’s head in order to pull the upper jaw into the correct position. A chin cup might be used to help keep the mask in place. As long as the child wears it often, it’s highly effective. 

Upper Jaw Expander

Another option is this wire-frame device that goes across the palate. A special key will be used to widen the expander. This leads to the upper jaw widening enough for the lower teeth to no longer close against them. 

Exploring Different Underbite Treatment Options

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different underbite treatments available to you. Take your time deciding which is the best option for you. Don’t forget to speak with your orthodontist to see what they recommend for treatment options.

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