What Details To Make Modern Shapewear More Comfortable?

Whether for work, dressing up for dinner, to the gym, or just running errands, shapewear is a must. That said, is it possible to wear shapewear daily and still be comfortable? Of course. All you need to do is to know what kind of shapewear to wear for your body type and for the right occasion. If you are wondering how to make shapewear more comfortable, well do read on for some tips.

Make Sure It Is The Right Fit

The first step to ensure that you are most comfortable in your wholesale shapewear is to make sure that it fits you correctly. Just like a bra that requires the right fit, so does shapewear. Every piece of undergarment is designed for different sizes so be sure to take accurate measurements of the bust, waist, and hips using a flexible measuring tape. Follow the shapewear sizing chart carefully.  

Pick Out The Right Choice For Your Body Shape

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and so does shapewear. In order to maximize comfort, be sure to choose the best shapewear designed for your body shape.  For petite size women, some shapewear may be too long.  As such, garments that have a shorter cut at the waist are a better choice for a comfortable fit. For tall women, look for garments that are designed for longer torsos so that there is more coverage, especially for the lower abdomen area. Shapewear with adjustable straps is great so that one can alter the length.  

For curvy women, there is much body-inclusive shapewear that offers solutions in terms of performance, fit, and comfort. One such brand is Lover-Beauty.com which carries a selection of undergarments designed for plus-size women to help them feel sexy, confident, and comfortable. 

Different Compression Levels

Shapewear comes in different levels of compression. Light compression shapewear such as shaping panties or shapewear leggings will offer light smoothing. If you are looking for one that offers dramatic sculpting and slimming, choose a high compression garment such as waist trainers or waist cinchers. They can help to create the coveted hourglass shape.  A waist trainer can complement your workout routine too as it can strengthen your core and offers compression during movement. This will make you sweat for a more effective workout. 

In order to maximize your comfort, it is advisable to choose styles that are appropriate for the occasion. If you need to be outdoors in summer, you may want to choose shapewear that is lightweight and made with a moisture-wicking material. If you want a stunning silhouette for a special dinner date, you may opt for something firmer like a body shaper buttock lifter. All these depend on your shaping goals.

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