What Causes a Front Tooth Gap?: The Science Based Facts You Need to Know

Did you know that front teeth gaps impact only about 20% of the population?

Gaps in the teeth are common, and most people don’t have perfectly aligned teeth. However, front tooth gaps are generally the most obvious since they are right in the middle of your smile.

Why do some people get a gap there? Is there anything you can do to fix it? 

If you have a front tooth gap, and you want to figure out why, keep reading below to find likely causes. 

Jaw Size

The size of your jaw plays a very important role in how your teeth are aligned. The alignment and size of your teeth are mostly determined by genetics, and if your jaw is large or wide, your teeth can shift around more. 

Too much space in the jaw combined with smaller teeth can result in gaps in the teeth.

You can also get dental gaps as you get older, including in the front teeth, as your teeth still move. If your tooth is getting pressure to move in one direction, the tooth will gradually move that way. 

A larger jaw, or having a tooth extracted, will create an open space where there is less pressure on the teeth. As the teeth move to fill in the space more evenly, there will be gaps.

Frenum Placement

This is one of the more common front tooth gap causes, and it actually can be corrected with surgery.

The labial frenum is a piece of thin tissue that connects the upper lip to the gum. Some people have a frenum that doesn’t grow normally. If it gets too large and grows down the gum, it can be the cause of a tooth gap.

If you have a gap in your front teeth caused by your frenum, you don’t have to get it corrected.

However, if you want to work on closing the front tooth gap, you can get a frenectomy from an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. They will loosen or remove your frenum, and afterward, you can work with an orthodontist to fix the gaps in your teeth. 

Gum Disease

Without good dental care and oral hygiene practices, you may end up with gum disease. This can also cause gaps in your teeth as the gums recede or get infected. As your gum health declines, your teeth also suffer. 

You may notice spaces start to grow in between your teeth as the teeth shift to make up space or due to looseness. Gum disease can cause your teeth to move unnecessarily, which can lead to further problems.

If you’re wondering “what causes a front tooth gap?” but you have gum disease, you may already have your answer. Working with a dentist to get your gums back on track is the first step in correcting the gap. 

Understand the Causes of a Front Tooth Gap

As you can see, there are really only three main causes of a front tooth gap. If you are someone that has a gap in your front teeth, it might be due to genetics, illness, or age.

Either way, you can work with dental professionals like this dentist in ballwin to figure out whether or not you need to (or want to) realign your teeth to close the gap.

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