What are the important questions of Class 11 Maths?

Maths sends horror vibes to most students. Every academic year, the subject becomes more complex and students fret trying to learn the topics.  Most times, finding the correct solution to the problems is either all about luck or persistent trial and error. Dealing with the realm of complicated digits needs a lot of attentive and reasoning skills, along with a lot of practice and a strong base of knowledge. Thus, many students find it tough to cope up with the subject. One has to be sharp and keen to be able to master the subject. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills make your grasp stronger on the subject. Therefore, for understanding the tough concepts one must broaden their logic and analytics so that moving further in the subject becomes effortless.


Class 11 math dives into a wide range of complex topics. Everything from sets to algebraic functions and from trigonometry to 3D geometry and more, further spirals into complicated aspects of the basics that a student has learned up to the 10th Class. Students need to learn and prepare well for improvising in the subject. One needs immense practice and a lot of dedication to learn the tricks of solving maths. No kind of sorcery is helpful, but dedication is required to achieve great marks. To cover the massive class 11 syllabus and understand all the concepts well, you may only need to rely on the above-mentioned skills with a well-thought-out study plan. The 11th class maths portion consists of 16 chapters and to study them one needs a perfect guide. The NCERT Solutions provide you with just the right guidance to ace your Class 11 Maths. These books furnish you with the best study material including chapter-wise solved exercises. 


The NCERT books are a must-go-to guide that students need to excel at the subject for an exceptional 11th-grade result.  You may need to ensure a full-fledged preparation to achieve outstanding scores. And for foolproof preparations, you may want to refer to only important questions that are more likely to appear in the papers. There are innumerable study guides available that one can refer to, however, the NCERT textbooks are prescribed by the CBSE board itself and hence, you should look out for notes from these solutions only. The NCERT books make it easier for you to look out for the important questions with their standardized solutions in a chapter-wise arrangement of exercises and hence are preferred by most students. The entire syllabus is sufficiently explained in these solutions illustrating the core concepts thoroughly.


Students tend to look out for only important questions during exam times as revising everything altogether before exams, is next to impossible. They look at various methods to learn the subject and keep improving at it. To find the important questions likely to be asked in the 11th examination one must follow these tips:


  • Draw a systematic timetable

To prepare for any examination, one needs to have a proper timetable and they need to follow it religiously to score great marks. Maths is a subject of great importance as it can only be passed with a lot of practice and effort. Hence, while preparing a study plan, you should include practicing maths almost every day, so you can prioritize understanding the complexes of the subject. Maths needs to be studied regularly, so you can find out your areas of weakness and put extra effort into learning them.


  • Study chapters according to their weightage

An effective study plan to study maths is to put in extra effort in the chapters that carry more marks from the examination point of view. Focus on chapters that have been allotted more marks, than others and practice the exercises in the chapters as many times as you can, so that you have cleared all the doubts from the chapter and you have enough practice if questions of the like are asked in the exams. 


  • Practice from previous papers

Look out for past exams’ sample papers to practice the problems, as many questions from the previous exams are repeated in the forthcoming exams. Also, these papers help you test your knowledge and how efficient your learning has been, and which topics you may need to focus on. It helps you encounter and eliminate your doubts, ensuring smooth preparation.


  • The study from the NCERT solutions

The NCERT books have well-arranged systematic solutions to all problems of the exercises. The solved exercise and examples must be practiced and revised thoroughly as the boards are likely to pick up most problems from here to set the question paper. These are important sets of exercises that you need to look into, as they provide apparent solutions to every problem making it easier to understand the procedure of solutions.


  • Practice efficiently

Practicing is the key to acing math exams. Diligent practice of exercises on a regular basis makes maths a more bearable subject. With the important questions provided by the NCERT Solutions, studying maths further eases. The important questions highlight the questions that the boards are likely to include in exam papers and hence you should practice these questions with a lot of dedication and perseverance.


The question bank provided by NCERT are authentic and should be paid attention to, as this aids the studying process making the subject tolerable. You should prepare adequately for the 11th class maths and ensure that the chapters are well understood as these form the basics for the next year. The 12 boards maths syllabus requires you to have enough understanding of the 11th class maths and thus, you need to prepare your base thoroughly. Higher studies in maths and also competitive exams require you to be extremely skilled at the subject and have great efficiency in problem-solving. Therefore, having a systematic strategy to study maths in class 11 from the NCERT books eases the task of understanding and ensures full preparation. All of this along with determination helps you score outstanding marks in maths in the 11th class, which prepares you for future studies.


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