What Are the Benefits of Selling Your Car to a Junkyard?

When you have an old junk car that’s not in drivable condition, your options for selling it are often limited. Most private buyers aren’t looking to do a complete overhaul on an unreliable car; they want something they can count on to get from Point A to Point B. So what can you do with an old junker that’s taking up space in your garage? One option is to sell it to a junkyard—and that may honestly be the very best option you have. Keep reading to learn the benefits of selling your junk car to a junkyard.

Sell It Faster

Listing an old car online to try and sell it to a private buyer is going to take time. Even cars in good condition can stay on the market for weeks before finding an interested buyer. Your junk car is going to be waiting around a lot longer than that. Junkyards can provide you with immediate offers over the phone, after you answer a few questions about the car’s make, model, year, condition, and so on. Then, they can usually send a tow truck to pick up the car in a matter of days at most; some will even be able to provide same-day pickup. This gets your car sold and off of your property much more quickly than trying to find a private buyer.

Get Cash in Hand

Private transactions with a stranger are always a bit iffy. Oftentimes, private buyers won’t have the cash needed on hand to pay for the car upfront. This means you need to rely on money transfers, checks, and other less-reliable means of getting your money. With a junkyard, you don’t need to worry about these issues. They’ll place cash right in your hand when they pick up the car, so you don’t have to wait around for a transfer to come through or worry about a check bouncing.

Get More for Your Car

When a car needs a lot of work, most buyers aren’t going to be willing to pay you much for it, since they’ll need to plan on paying for a lot of repairs themselves. If you’re lucky enough to find a buyer at all, they’re most likely going to lowball you on the car’s value. While you can’t expect to get thousands for a beat-up junker, junkyards will often pay more than a private buyer is willing to pay, because they can turn a profit off of your old car’s parts and recyclable materials.

If you’re looking for a way to get the most cash for cars in Fort Myers, FL, selling to a junkyard is your best bet.

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