What are Corn cob light bulbs? Why are they named ‘Corn cob’?

Do you know what corn cob light bulbs are? No? Well, many people are unaware; however here is a complete guide. Outdoor corn cob light bulb is actually corn shaped lights, named because of its resemblance. These bulbs have a high Illumination power as compared to other bulbs like A19’s regular light. They have higher light efficiency. Their high energy has replaced with SON lamps and HID lanterns. These high illuminating power bulbs are mainly used in Parking lots, Stadiums, streets and roads.

They have small LED lights in larger amount covering the metal structure and creates a very high illumination. The LEDs closely arranged together makes it look a Corn cob. Hence, named corn cob light bulbs. It has almost 80 to 180 small LED lights. A corn cob Bulb can work with a maximum 480Volts high voltage.

Types of Corn cob Bulbs

There are 2 main types of Corn bulbs. The description and specifications of the bulbs are mentioned below to choose one according to our requirements.

E26 Corn cob bulb:

E stands for Edison. It’s a medium size Edison screw bulb with a power of 120 Volts. 26 stands for the diameter of the bulb i.e. 26mm or 1 inch. It is a medium size bulb specifically used in homes or for a low coverage area.

E39 corn cob bulb:

It is also known as Goliath Edison screw. As mentioned above E stands for Edison while, 39mm is the diameter of the bulb or 1.5 inch. They are larger in size as compared to E26 bulbs. They are being used on Roads, industries, warehouses and factories for High illumination. The bulbs are high power with 150 Watts.

Why choose LED corn cob bulbs?

These bulbs have an efficiency of lasting 6000 Hours. Comparatively, any ordinary bulb will last only 1500 Hours. It is a big deal. A good LED bulb will not lose a single percentage of light before it reaches 6000 Hours.

The amount of Light a bulb can output depends upon Lumens. Lumens are the measurement of Brightness of a Light bulb. There is a minor difference between Lumens and Watt. Watt denotes the Power a bulb consumes to give brightness while Lumens is the brightness of a bulb. Lumens are usually mentioned for the LED light bulbs and not WATT. There is always confusion; watts are considered as the brightness of a bulb. Everyone considered a 100 watt bulb brighter than a 40 watt bulb. It is so, but today a 22 watt LED is more considerable than a 200 watt incandescent bulb because it produces only 800 lumens whereas 22 watts LED bulbs produce 1600 lumens. Hence, it is brighter.

For example, a bulb with 40 watt energy can give the same amount of light as a 5 Lumens LED bulb. Therefore, always look for the amount of lumens instead of Watts.

Specifications of LED CORN COB Bulb

  1. It does not heat up

LED corn cob bulbs consists of Aluminium structure and surface area that helps them to get cool. Some LED lamps also have a fan attached to keep them cool and dust free. It does not get hot. These bulbs easily touched for fixture.

  1. LED colour rendering quality

The LED bulbs have a wide range of colours. This is important as colour play a specific role in our life and they change the moods. Its give a soothing effect to eyes and also our mind. It has different variety of colours like 3000k, 4000k but make sure that colours do not exceed the limit of 5000k.

  1. Protective covering

To protect the LED lights from weather and other hazards, these lights are being made of plastic coverings that seal it from pests and insects too. It also keeps it safe from dust and weather. This helps keep up the quality of light in passing years. It has sturdy body that prevents breakage.

Benefits of using LED CORN COB Bulbs

The use of LED corn cob bulb has increased rapidly in the recent years, it has benefits related. Some of them are,

  • They are easy to install. It has screw fixture which makes it easy to use. Anyone can fix it without hassle.
  • They are high illuminated. They can brighten up the room where incandescent bulbs are unable to, or maybe used in double amount as an LED bulb
  • These bulbs are cost friendly. They are brighter and cheaper. They are cheaper in price and use less energy hence, lesser bill payments.
  • Their maintenance is easy. They metal structure saves it from dust and weather or any other insects. They are easy to clean up.
  • It is a great investment as LED bulbs have 5 times more life than ordinary Incandescent bulbs. It can work up to 25 years.

Colour specs of Corn Cob bulbs

Corn cob bulbs come in a variety of colours. Some specifications are being considered before buying these coloured LED bulbs.

3000k LED bulbs

These are a warm white coloured LED bulbs. They are suitable for houses and indoor restaurants. They mainly used on small-scale as they have softer light although it creates very relaxing environment.

4000K LED bulbs

These are the bulbs with natural white light. They are a source to replicate daylight. They are mainly used in offices, industries, factories and other restaurants with outdoor arrangements.

5000k LED bulbs

These bulb with a higher efficiency has white light. They are mainly used in larger areas such as outdoor gatherings or industries.

It is a warning by many researchers to general public that they are not supposed to use more than 5000k LED bulbs as it can be dangerous for human beings and the environment. It can cause harm to our eyes. It can also result in Melatonin function with the Blue lights interference.

    In a nutshell

After mentioning all the Specs, benefits and various details of LED corn cob bulbs, it is clear to understand that these bulbs are worth buying. Once you get the right fixture and bulb size, you won’t regret. It is a lifetime investment. It has vast variety of options that makes it even better to choose one from according to our demand. With the help of this guide, hope it is easier for you too.

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