What are common mistakes when renovating your apartment, and how to save money on it?

Renovation is an obligatory step on the way to home coziness and comfort. However, despite the much-desired result, repairs are both troubles and money expenses. Of course, every owner wants to save money, and, of course, not to the detriment of quality. How can you minimize the cost of repairs but remain satisfied with the result?

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What mistakes to watch out for when renovating your home

Not everyone can afford the services of a professional interior designer, and therefore many rely only on their experience and knowledge in the repair. But if the qualifications are not enough, then several mistakes are often made. As a result, the interior is boring, overloaded, and uncomfortable. What mistakes should you avoid?

Unsuccessful zoning of the territory

Of course, zoning a room with a clever visual interior design can be an excellent solution. But achieving the desired result is not easy. In practice, it often turns out precisely the opposite. Therefore, if you do not have enough experience and knowledge, it is better to direct the energy differently, abandoning the fashionable division into functional zones.

Don’t get carried away with bright accents

Most of the apartments with a typical layout have a small area. Therefore, you will not significantly expand in the color design of the interior and the choice of furniture. Do not get carried away with bright accents and overly colorful finishing materials. Small rooms should have a minimum of thoughtful details. The ideal option is finishing in very light pastel colors without any variegated elements.

More attention to lighting

If the windows on the north side of the house and in the room are always “cold,” then pay special attention to artificial lighting. Supplement the primary light sources with local lighting. In the sleeping area, install table lamps near the sofa and armchairs – floor lamps. This technique will allow you to organize the space and make the room brighter harmoniously.

Don’t skimp on electrical accessories

Switches and sockets are not something to save on. Think carefully about the layout of electrical appliances and place the outlets where it will be convenient to use them. Install sockets with a margin. Pulling wires across the room will not add beauty to the interior. Moreover, it is unsafe.

Be careful when choosing furniture

To avoid crowding and save sound meters, many equip the apartment with small-sized transforming furniture. Such furniture has its advantages, but in addition to versatility, it is also essential to consider the overall proportionality of the space. Do not overload the room with furniture, tiny rooms.

Do you need stucco

It is fashionable to use stucco molding in a modern interior. Of course, in some cases, this allows you further to emphasize the sophistication of the host’s taste and surprise the guests. But it is better to think three times if you decide to direct such beauty. If your house is not a castle or a palace, more uncomplicated and laconic details will look more harmonious.

Avoid interior congestion

Many people strive to apply as many exciting techniques, decorative elements, and architectural delights as possible. But in compact apartments, this approach is fraught with overloading of the interior with details. The maximum you can afford in small apartments is a wall gallery in photographs or paintings. Such nuances will indeed emphasize the originality of the interior and allow you to organize the space harmoniously.


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