Various Types of Astrology- All You Need To Know!

According to astrology, the placements and movements of planets and stars have a philosophical impact on our lives. For learning different types of astrology, it is vital to determine your astrology sign in the first place.

Every astrology sign has its individual set of personality attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. To learn about different forms of astrology, you can look for the right online astrology consultation service.

Vedic Astrology 

It is a type of Indian astrology which is many thousands years old. Contemporary Vedic astrology is utilized in India for predicting the success of businesses, marriage relations, and other aspects of life. Contact the best online astrology consultation services to learn Vedic astrology.

Likewise western astrology, Vedic astrology also comes with 12 signs. But, different from the western that adheres to the seasons, the Jyotisa system is adjusted on the basis of constellations.

Horary Astrology

There are instances when we want to get more particular than spreading a standard astrology chart to search for all the obligatory answers. Horary astrology is based on ancient things. In this type of astrology, the querent asks a question, and with the assistance of an online astrology consultation expert, a prediction chart is emitted and responses are given.

There are some rules attached to it. The answers state the consequence for 3 months at a time. Moreover, you are not allowed to ask the same thing in the 3-months time period. This is because you will receive wonky replies. The prediction chart is emitted on the basis of the astrologer’s location and the time period is defined while the question is asked. Close-ended questions for which you will get answers like “yes” or “no” aren’t encouraged. This is because the astrologer will assist you in watching the correct pathway.

Also, in this astrology, the moon plays a crucial part in giving replies to the questions as it is a natural provider and receiver of info. Choose the right platform for the best online astrology consultation.

Love Astrology

In Love astrology, a synastry chart is used to witness how celestial bodies connect from chart to chart with a friend, relative, crush, or colleague. There is one more method of this astrology which is making a composite chart wherein both charts are placed together for making a single chart out of the two.

While going through a composite chart, you need to keep in mind that you are just watching the ascendant and the planets. The major misconception while performing love astrology is to realize what is happening in your relationship; you do not need to see further than your own chart. When we talk about interpersonal relations, astrology is everything relating to prediction. This implies that it is the energy we emit to others and what we are drawing into our lives.

Uranian Astrology

Uranian Astrology utilizes midpoints which are the middle degrees between 2 planets, to discover earthly triggers that are vital for an individual to take action in any stage of life. For determining anybody’s midpoints, you would need to create a midpoint tree with a midpoint calculator or do the calculation on your own.

After this, you would need to see the points within the midpoint tree and check whether any transits are triggering them. This is particularly used in love astrology as it can provide information about how we connect with other people.

Medical Astrology 

Medical Astrology is maybe the most complicated form of astrology on the list. While anyone falls sick, it is essential to emit a chart for the period they go into their “sick bed” or realize that they want to rest to get well. If you are not able to emit a chart, you must note the date and time so that an astrology specialist can glance at it and prepare a chart to know the prediction and find out when, why, and how the person would improve.

This form of astrology uses astrology sign, planets, and house positions for collecting info related to sickness. However, it can also state body parts that are susceptible to disease.

Natal Astrology

With the help of somebody’s natal chart as a map to the cosmos, you can find all the answers related to the person’s path and intents.

Apart from that, this type of astrology can provide an in detail explanation of every expectation and panics that are sensed deep in. A birth chart will provide you access to any individual’s expectations, desires, and fears with a comprehension of how they manifested from previous lives. With the help of our natal birth information, the online astrology consultation expert can prepare a chart with the birth data and evolutions. This is done mainly to view timings and incidents occurring within the life of querent and determine the ideal timing to begin tasks or execute objectives.

 Final Thoughts 

We expect that got to know a  lot about different types of astrology. To learn any of these mentioned above, you can visit, talk and chat with astrologer or search for online astrology consultation services. 

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