The senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell help us to engage with the world around us but is it possible to tap into a sixth sense? Most people who enjoy sports betting are told to rely on studying statistics and analysis. This doesn’t stop many bettors from relying on their intuition or sixth sense. Even experienced players may use their sixth sense to predict the correct forecast for a particular event.

Is your sixth sense always right?

When doing sports betting at online casinos, emotions and excessive excitement are very likely, but they can prevent you from making sound decisions. You get carried away and forget about following any kind of system. In the same way, your sixth sense can be wrong and make you lose money. Objectively evaluating the chances of teams winning before placing a bet is the best way to minimize your risks of losing money.

Can you develop your sixth sense?

Experienced bettors who spend hours watching sports news and broadcasts of matches, study the form of players etc., do develop a certain ability to predict outcomes more accurately.

If you are such a bettor and you operate instinctively, you may be seen by others as using your sixth sense. They don’t know how many hours you have spent preparing. Those who don’t have much experience as you would do well to trust your opinion rather than just rely on their own sixth sense.

Discipline is more important than your six sense 

Making bets without following any sort of system is unlikely to lead to positive results. The adrenaline may speed up metabolism and cause you to lose weight, but you are more than likely to lose all your money.

Winning money with sports betting is possible, but you need discipline. Without discipline, you will take unnecessary risks and not worry about sticking to your budget. You won’t worry as much about following a strategy and will just place bets at random.

The right mindset is critical

One of the important factors in achieving and sustaining success in sports betting is to understand that you are responsible for the results. You should be driven by the opportunity to improve, and develop new skills, knowledge and understanding.

Feedback from each and every bet your take is important to help you progress. You need to expect to make mistakes and take a few calculated risks as part of your learning experience.

If you are just betting for fun and excitement and not just to try and make a profit, it may be enough to go with your sixth sense. If you want to win consistently, you will need more than just your sixth sense.