Unique Kitchen Efficiency Ideas For Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in everyone’s home. It’s a place where we prepare meals, eat, and, at times, entertain our guests. And when we do use our kitchen for meal prep, it’s best when everything we need is already efficiently laid out. It’s hard to prepare a meal when things are out of place or hard to reach. So here are some unique kitchen efficiency ideas for your kitchen remodeling:

The Fridge and Pantry 

One way to keep your kitchen efficient is to keep like with like. That means sticking everything together. The fridge and pantry both contain the same thing: food and beverages. A great idea to keep your kitchen efficient is by having these two things beside each other. And to keep things seamless, you could go for a built-in fridge that has a custom door that matches your pantry. Having these two together creates a “food zone” in your kitchen. This means, when you prepare your meal, you could gather all your ingredients without having to keep going back and forth from your pantry and fridge. 

Designate a Zone 

Continuing with the idea of creating zones in your kitchen for maximum efficiency, you could designate specific zones in your kitchen. If you’re planning to change the layout of your kitchen, you could have your stove and sink built in your kitchen counter. Together in one big area, having them together connects three zones: the cooking zone, prepping zone, and cleaning zone. It is great to have these zones close to each other since you would need to prepare your ingredients first and then clean everything once you are done when cooking a meal. Everything is so close by that you wouldn’t miss a step.

Another thing that you could do when you designate zones to have cabinets and drawers below your counter that houses the materials you need for those zones. For example, the cabinet under your cooking zone would have your pots and pans, while the ones for your prepping zone would have your knives and bowls. 

Out In The Open 

If you don’t exactly have a vast space, having a hanging rack for your pots and other cooking materials is a great way to store them. These hanging racks could be placed on your walls or mounted on the ceiling. It allows you to have your most commonly used kitchen tools easy to locate and grab, plus this gives an industrial design to your kitchen. Another route that you could take is by having shelves instead of cabinets. It provides the same open concept where everything that you use the most is accessible. Plus, it’s an opportunity to use your kitchen tools as decoration.

The best way to make your kitchen efficient is by keeping things organized and accessible. Having everything in place and easy to locate makes a huge difference. You could always add a bit of your touch and think beyond the box during your kitchen remodeling to make it unique and personal. 

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