Trends That Are Changing Trucking In 2021

Trucks have long been a part of commerce as they were designed and engineered to move different types of goods to another destination. These vehicles present many advantages in logistics management that other vehicles can’t, such as carrying heavy loads, hazardous chemicals, and oddly-shaped cargo. Many businesses across different industries would struggle without trucking, which is why it’s highly valued.


Much like in any other sector of transportation, changes happened and are bound to happen in trucking. Last year, tremendous changes occurred due to the economic shutdown caused by the pandemic in several countries. Many things affected its way of functioning and modified the way people receive jobs involving trucking.


This year is no different, as new and factors that carried over from last year are forming the industry’s outlook. Informing yourself about these variables will help you adjust or change how you approach or utilize trucks for your business. So let’s delve into the trends that are changing trucking in 2021.


Urbanization affects many industries, such as the tire industry, directly affecting trucks and other transport vehicles. Truck bus tires and tires for other truck classifications are projected to increase in demand until 2025 in big tire markets. As for the trucking industry, urbanization also has positives in store.


The growth of urbanization in several countries will make it easier for trucks to travel to parts of the world they couldn’t before. This means more opportunities for businesses to find feasible places to set up shop, which means more direct route cargo movement. Urbanization will help trucking widen its scope and reach, which will open the industry up to more customers needing its services.


Well-planned urbanization will generate more business in this process. It will initiate a domino effect where trucking stand to gain so much from.

E-commerce success

E-commerce has grown drastically in the past few years, and it’s forecasted to stay in an upward trend due to the unrelenting push to digitization worldwide. Consumers are now seeking more online options, as shown by the 44% increase in e-commerce retail last year. However, with all the factors that help e-commerce growth, trucking is one of its key contributors and will affect each other more prominently in the future.


Improvements in e-commerce mean changes will happen in the trucking industry and vice-versa. This is because e-commerce depends on trucking for shipping goods from the warehouse to sorting centers for fulfillment. Also, since e-commerce will likely thrive, the demand for truckers will likely sustain itself in the coming years.

Incorporation of data analytics

Many companies that employ truck fleets or provides trucking services now realize the power of data analytics. More companies are expected to apply data analytics in decision-making processes to come up with better results. They’ll be using more data to anticipate, adjust, and correct errors with the help of the latest innovations in technology.


It’ll also help in development as areas for improvement will be determined effectively. Experts also anticipate transportation management systems to be more popular because of this trend, as companies will look for technology to help them efficiently collect and interpret data.


Trucking will look different this year, which may set up a better future for the industry and those that depend on it. Things will move forward as progress and innovation continue, which means more developments leaning towards better operations and processes. So look into your approach to trucking and see if you can implement the positive trends that may help your business.

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