Toy Story Meme: Everything you need to know about it

Toy Story Meme: Intro

Toy Story has been there for 25 years, and it was Pixar’s 1st feature movie to be released in theatres in 1995. With the 4 films that have been launched thus far, Woody and Buzz have captured the hearts of millions of children and elders alike.

When it comes to an iconic movie franchise, like Toy Story, the internet often uses it to develop new puns in the form of memes, and your favourite film will never be the same after you’ve seen them. Here are five of the most amusing memes influenced by Pixar’s most successful franchise.


Toy Story Meme: Notes To Have


  1. Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the bunch are inseparable. When Sid abducted them in the first film, Woody was there for Buzz, and Buzz led the group in saving Woody from Al’s in Toy Story 2 (1999), and everybody held hands when they assumed they were doomed in the third movie. Fans adore the toys’ amazing connection, which is why they were so unhappy when Woody broke away from the rest at the climax of Toy Story 4.

  2. Buzz undergoes a slight transition in Toy Story 3 when his mates attempt to switch him out of demo mode. They inadvertently hold down a button for too long, and Buzz quickly began speaking Spanish! This is quite amusing in the original English edition, but have you ever wanted to know what happens in the Spanish edition?


A YouTube clip shows two Spanish editions, one shown in Latin America and the other in Spain. Astonishingly, Buzz does not immediately begin speaking English or any other vernacular. He rather keeps speaking Spanish, but with a unique tone.

Toy Story Meme

Creative Touch

  1. Barbie is frustrated that Molly has decided to donate her to Sunnyside in Toy Story 3, but she easily ignores her anguish when she meets Ken, a fancy clothes-loving doll with a lovely dream mansion.

    Ken in the film is centred on Mattel’s 1988 Animal Loving Ken. He’s dressed in a blue animal print top that’s partly open at the top, like another animal lover who’s recently appeared on the big screen, Joe Exotic from Netflix’s Tiger King!

  2. Sid Phillips is among the most terrifying antagonists of his generation. He terrorises toys for entertainment by blowing them up, dissecting them, and separating their parts. His as well as Andy’s toys are terrified of him, and he even straps Buzz to an explosive rocket! Andy and the other toys in Sid’s room devise a strategy to teach him a lesson so that he’ll never humiliate toys again. Now that Sid appears to be a toy as well, he may get what he deserves!

Woody basically assists Bonnie in creating a new friend in Toy Story 4 (2019) by introducing her some craft materials from the trash, and quickly Forky is born! Forky is perplexed, believing that he is still a waste and thus belongs in the trash. He keeps attempting to commit suicide, but Woody is always there to protect him. Woody tries to clarify to Forky that they are the same since they are toys, but Forky misinterprets and believes they are both garbage!

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