Top Three Tips For Happy Employees

Keeping your employees happy is essential. When you have happy employees they tend to stay longer and they will be motivated to work harder for your company. Read on to learn the top three tips for happy employees. 

Success Is To Be Celebrated

When your employees do something to contribute to your success you always want to celebrate. Take the time to find ways to celebrate milestones. Always notice and celebrate the good work your employees are doing.Remember that money isn’t always the main motivator for employees. Often, just thanking your employees in a genuine way will strengthen morale.  Praise encourages and motivates your employees to work harder and it just feels good.

When employees feel valued and like they’re an important part of the team, they are more likely to make positive contributions and this is often more motivating than money. 

One thing you can do is have an employee contest where employees suggest new ways to improve the company. They don’t have to suggest anything too complicated, the main idea is to ensure employees are appreciated and seen. Make sure to reward them for their efforts.

You might want to add some gifts and they don’t even have to be expensive. Think gift cards, t-shirts, or a coffee bar. There are so many inexpensive ways to show employees how much you appreciate them.

When employees aren’t appreciated they tend to look for jobs where they will be appreciated, so never forget this fact.

Spend Time On Promoting, Retraining, and Training

One way your employees can stay productive is to keep the focus on training and development. Training helps keep your employees loyal and it allows you to create the future leaders of your company. Training and development are a great investment. Make identifying training opportunities and requirements easy with Tracktime24’s work time tracker.

Don’t forget that employees are always changing and they want different things as their career progresses.

Employees fresh out of college are looking for experience so they can be promoted, while employees in the middle of their careers are likely looking to move to another department. Subject matter experts might not want to be managers but might want to learn emerging technologies.

Employees can still be assets and productive without always fighting for promotions. 

Start creating development plans for employees that detail how they will get new skills. This can be with training, mentoring or coaching. Then keep them productive and motivated by giving them situations where they can put these new skills to use.

Continue Managing Growth

Productivity measures will change as companies grow. The parameters are totally different when a business grows from a few employees to hundreds of employees.

It’s easy to communicate effectively when the company is small, but as the company gets larger departments become more separate which makes it much harder to communicate.

If you don’t manage growth you could end up with hard workers who barely speak to each other or work in teams. This can cause your company to struggle and even miss goals even if everyone meets productivity standards.

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