Top Four Outdoor Furniture Ideas of All Times

Designer furniture can light up a space, be it on your porch, patio or farmhouse. As Australians, most people have grown up with a backyard in their homes. So renovating or constructing a functional outdoor space is likely a mindful idea. When installing a patio or a garden in your yard, the most crucial step is furnishing. Some bland chairs and a bench can seem like a boring choice, and that’s why designer outdoor furniture has been the people’s choice. Luckily, most designer furniture doesn’t just deliver an impeccable appeal but resist winds, rain and scorching sun. They are beautiful, versatile, functional and leave a timeless appeal to your outdoor space.

Making the right choice with outdoor furniture

Though designer furniture is a go-to choice, you have several factors to consider before making a move. To begin with, it’s significant to estimate the space dimensions to find the best size that can match- you’ll not want furniture that induces a feeling of being cramped. Next, you will have to decide on the number of people you’d like to accommodate. If it’s a couch, the traditional three-plus two-seater can wholesomely suit. However, the number of movables depends on your personal preference. However, the most important and perplexing choice is to make between the versatile upholstery/material choices. Here is a list of the top five outdoor furniture materials that do not jeopardise charm or comfort. If you are looking for an outdoor furniture sale that offers great value, here are some discount outdoor patio furniture online on Watsons that is convenient and hassle-free.

Best Material for Outdoor furniture

  1. Synthetic resin patio sets

Outdoor furniture out of synthetic resins is versatile in terms of designs, style, colour and ambience. From couches to chairs and coffee tables, you can get all of the designer furniture your porch needs in a single shot. Most importantly, resin outdoor furniture is remarkably weather-resistant, so you are making a mindful buy! It’s because, unlike the common misconception, they do not decolourise or fade when exposed to the sun. Synthetic resin chairs are lightweight, easy to care for and a novel choice. With style, you have options between foldable chairs, chairs with footrests and dining sets. Woven cushions can look and feel great on such chairs!

  1. Wooden outdoor furniture

If you are looking for a piece of garden furniture, there is no better option than wood! Wooden outdoor furniture is timeless and aesthetic so, it matches both modern and traditional setups. Also, due to its warm tone, wooden chairs blend with the outdoor ambience promptly! When it comes to weather- resistance, wood has an impeccable ability. You also have internal choices like redwood, cedar, cypress, etc. However, teak has been people’s choice due to its warm honey shade that can go well on backyards, patios and porches!

  1. Galvanised steel garden chairs

Stainless or galvanised steel has been a contemporary furniture option because the metal is sleek and gets moulded into any design and shape! Stainless steel outdoor furniture can also go well on beachside settings as they are resistant to salt exposure. When it comes to looks, a powdered coating lets you decide colour and texture- they are customisable. Do not forget to pair up steel chairs with patio cushions of the same shape as the chair.

  1. Fabric couches

Nothing can match the versatility and comfort of fabric couches. Most designer outdoor furniture is all upholstered pieces, easy to maintain and offers a lounging experience. However, watch out for fabric types that can fade in sun exposure. The most pragmatic options are quick-dry foam, vinyl, acrylic and polyester. Luxury acrylic sofas can work wonders by the poolside, patios and porch. You can also pair them with some fabric bean bags to leave more of a laid-back look.

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