Top 4 Oxygen Concentrators Reviewed

Medical-grade oxygen concentrators are a lifeline for people with lung disease who still wish to get out regularly. Unlike heavy medical oxygen tanks, making them less mobile and holding a finite amount of compressed oxygen, oxygen concentrators don’t have these issues. Though they aren’t without their drawbacks, they’re ideal for people wishing to lead an active life. 

The portability of an oxygen concentrator comes from the fact they don’t store oxygen. Instead, they intake air and filter out the oxygen, discarding everything else from C02 to dust and pollutants. This process provides the user with clean 100% oxygen delivered via a mask or nasal tube. And along with clean oxygen, users have more freedom due to the ease of transport such machines allow.

There are now various concentrators available on the market, so we’ve reviewed the top 5 to help make the decision of which one to choose easier.

Most Mobile

With the ease of mobility in mind, the Belluscura X-PLOR ranks top in our list of medical oxygen concentrators for portability.

This small device is lightweight and portable and comes in at a mere 3.25lbs, and includes a travel bag with a shoulder strap. 

The battery life isn’t extensive at 2.5 hours to allow for the petite size, although an additional 8-cell battery can be purchased and gives up to 5 hours of usage. 

Air is delivered in a pulse flow at a rate of up to 800 milliliters per minute.

Unlike larger devices, this machine operates quietly. Added to its diminutive size, this makes the X-PLOR very unobtrusive.

The Belluscura X-PLOR isn’t the heftiest device on the market, but it makes up for that by being the nimblest. Therefore, it’s ideal for in the car, around the market, or visiting the doctor’s office.

Best Battery Life

If you’re looking for an oxygen concentrator that can go the distance between charges, look no further than the SeQual Eclipse 5. With up to 5 hours of battery life, this machine can also be used while on the charge, making it ideal for use throughout the day as you come and go. 

This concentrator is on the larger side weighing 18.4lbs and comes with a travel cart for ease of movement. Shoulder straps also allow the user to carry it on their back if wished.

Air can be delivered in either pulse or continuous flow mode with a rate of up to 3000 ml per minute. AutoSAT technology allows a consistent amount of oxygen per breath regardless of variation in breath rates.

The main downside of the Eclipse 5 is that it runs a bit loud.

Best For Home Or Office

The Inogen At Home Stationary Concentrator is your ideal candidate if you’re at home or the office. Unlike other Inogen range concentrators designed for mobility, this model is for those times you’re not moving around much. Mobile enough to move freely from room to room, it’s great for use while you sit and enjoy reading a book or are busy working at your desk for extended periods. 

Unlike similar models of this size, the Inogen Stationary Concentrator is remarkably quiet. Whether you’re in an important work meeting or relaxing watching your favorite TV show, the low-level noise won’t interfere.

Weighing in at 18lbs, it’s the same weight as larger portable models.

AC mains operated; there’s no battery to consider. Although if you’re moving it between rooms, you need to be sure there is a power point available for use within range.

Oxygen is delivered in a continuous flow at a rate of 5000 ml per minute. Delivery is through an unobtrusive nasal canula.


While the Philips Respironics SimplyGo is an excellent machine at a respectable 10lbs, it isn’t quiet. In comparison, its mini version, the Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini, is by far one of the quietest models of oxygen concentrators out there. 

At half the size of its big sibling, it packs a lot into its 5lb. It also includes a stylish carry case with a shoulder strap for ease of portability.

Battery life with the standard battery is up to 4.5 hours, with an extended battery available at an extra cost. 

Airflow is pulse flow at a rate of up to 1000 ml per minute

The SimplyGo Mini is an incredibly durable machine designed to withstand the vibrations and knocks that can occur during transportation.

As with all medical devices, consult your doctor before purchasing an oxygen condenser to ensure you get one that best supports your individual needs.

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