Top 4 industries changed by VR technology

Like many other industries, VR that comes along with the hp reverb g2 lens has set on a course to change how we see and interact with our smart devices and digital media.  Alongside AI, it is on a trajectory to revolutionize our digital experience and play its role by allowing us to surpass the need for hands-on trails before we get to perform the actual task.

Let’s look at a few industries that have had a remarkable change already, thanks to virtual reality and are on the journey to concur much more:

1.    Tourism

When it comes to planning your vacations, you can try to read as many articles and reviews on the internet but you cannot actually see and experience the reality of the hotel or place unless you are there. Some recent implementations of VR have allowed people to step into a virtual space where they can see what their hotel room will look like and if the place is worth the time and money.

2.    eCommerce

Online businesses have been at their best since the COVID situation. Unfortunately, the customer experiences and complaints have not changed much. They still continue to complain about misfit sizes and color differences. In some implementations using virtual reality, you see yourself in front of the mirror wearing the clothes you are about to buy and then decide if you want to go for it or change it.

Funny thing: you get to try all the colors and change clothes with a swipe!

3.    Gambling

The initial products and concepts launched in the VR space in the early 1990s were made for playing games. While things stayed the same in the recent uprise, they have also transferred to gambling as well. Now if you are feeling too lazy to go out to the casino, not a problem. Wear your VR headset and you are at the table, playing poker with your buddies. According to gambling experts from Casinomech, poker is the most popular game played with the use of VR. Why? It is exactly the same to the real one; the facial expressions and the hand movements (apart from the vine bottle on the table).

4.    Automotive

The recent application of VR in the development of prototypes has served as a game changer, companies can now do more samples in the same time and less cost. Not only that, as a customer, when you are about to buy your dream car, you can see it and experience it with all the options of your choice even before it was decided to be manufactured.


These are some places where VR has found its space and tons more are about to come as the tech improves and flourishes to maturity.

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