Top 10 World News Website with Unbiased Stories

Everyone knows how much this world is biased towards things happening. Following this, it gets super difficult to find out unbiased news stories. In fact, there is a competition between every news source and this makes them biased towards different stories. Following this, it gets difficult to find the most unbiased news source

However, for your help here are 10 news websites with unbiased stories that can help you to find facts. 

  1. Associated Press

Associated Press is one of the well-known news sources because of the fact that it only reports unbiased news. Most of the lists of unbiased news sources list AP on top. Its homepage says; “Advancing the power of facts” and it really follows its slogan and only reports facts with proper sources. In fact, the language they use in their news is completely neutral even when the point is about a certain political issue. 

AP news reporters are assured to focus on reporting facts to its audience and always stay away from biased thoughts and opinions over things happening. They use potent evidence to make their news legit and to refuse if there is any claim. 

  1. Reuters

Reuters is also a popular news source that only publishes unbiased news pointing to the truth without any thoughts or opinions. Reuters uses the basic report content to write their news for websites that have no opinions attached. Another of their unique features is that hot topics and issues that are global like Palestine issue, worldwide elections and such other have no place on this source. 

The best thing of Reuters is that they assure to cover fact based information from all parts of the scene. 

  1. CBS News

A research study in 2014 get done by Pew research that finds out 40% of the CBS news audience are leftists and 20% are rightist. But there are certain political conservatives that mentions CBS news as leftists. Although, the fact is that the major audience of this news source is major attention focus. This shows that CBS has quite big audience and they never get bias towards anything and this is making them grow every day. 

  1. BBC News

BBC is also most unbiased news source that helps every independent reader. It is based in UK as it is British Broadcasting Corporation but it has zero impact from America or its politics. 

  1. Wall Street Journal

This source is just growing day by day and it is a legitimate source that only reports fact based stories. They have a great team that always checks the information before publishing. 

  1. Christian Science Monitor

CS Monitor is also an honest source of news. This is the platform where you will find stories about attacking or supporting government policies from both sides. It is a great source to let you know about things happening in the government sectors. 

  1. The Real News

This channel only depends on income and donations from its audience so there is nothing for them to get impacted from. Therefore, they always assure to provide with the most authentic information about anything happening.

  1. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is wholly based in Qatar. And this place is wholly different from the US as freedom of press is sacred there. But still, its appreciative that Al Jazeera is impartial and fact publishing news source. It suddenly occurred that several Americans decided to have an Arabic version of information source instead of the American. So due to this, Al Jazeera is also a considerable news source to let you know unbiased things going around. 

  1. The Economist

This is also a news website that published facts with evidence to have no claims further. It covers a lot of topics like politics, economic, technical, media commentary in print and online both. It is the least biased news source where you can find news that actually has facts in it.

  1. NPR

This one could be on the top but due to their far going tilt coverage it gets left. But still, on most of the points the news by NPR is fair and factual based right from the US news organizations 

How to Find Out Unbiased News Source?

There are certain things that you need to focus on to find out unbiased news source. The unbiased news source primarily focuses on truth and there won’t be any opinions within the context. You will only get facts with evidence. 

Such news sources are independent and post things without having any pressure. They are impartial and fair with everything posting. They are powerful enough on their own that no one can hurt them by pressure or something. They also have a trait of human serving that makes them collect info from both sides of the scene so no one gets hurt. 

Check on these things to find out the most unbiased news source for you.

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