Top 10 Bowling Figures In Losing Cause In ODIs

Bowlers are always under an excessive amount of strain, yet there are those who shine the brightest under the pressure, despite the fact that their efforts are often in vain. Like ipl highlights today one can also witness these bowlers’ greatness by watching their amazing spells. If the team doesn’t rally around the captain, even the best bowling performance might be useless. Now, let’s look at the best bowling numbers from a team that lost a one-day international match. 

Christopher Mpofu (2008) –

In this match, Kenya went up against Zimbabwe. This game was part of a series of three games in which Ireland was one of the teams. Chirs Mpofu gave Kenya the chance to bat, and they ended up getting 285 runs. During their reply, Zimbabwe was only able to score 190 runs before they were all bowled out. Chris Mpofu’s score of 6-52 put him in last place in the bowling competition.

Tony Gray (1991) –

This one-day international game was held in the West Indies, and Australia was the visiting team. The contest went on for an hour. Because of the weather delays, the original plan for the game was for each team to play only 34 overs. Before Australia batted, the West Indies bowlers gave them a lot of trouble, but Tony Gray was able to get a wicket for Australia. On the other hand, he wasn’t a cheap choice. Australia scored 172 runs throughout the game, which was enough to win by 45 runs. Tony Gray finished his bowling game with 6 strikes and 50 gutter balls.

 Chris Woakes (2011) –

The English team played seven One-Day Internationals during their trip to Australia (ODIs). Australia had already taken a commanding 3-1 lead in the series before this fifth and final game. Because of this, it was very important for England to win this match. Australia was unable to score more than 249 runs when they batted first because Woakes took six wickets. But England wasn’t able to reach the goal, and they ended up falling short by 51 runs. Chris Woakes kept track of the bowling scores, which were 6-45, during the match.

 Ajit Agarkar (2004) –

During the 2000s, the Australian team rarely lost. There was nothing else for the Indian team to do but compete against them. Even though Ajit Agarkar got six wickets, the Australians were still able to score 288 runs in their first turn. Even though this was enough to win the match, India was still unable to do so. At the end of the game, Ajit Agarkar had 6-42 bowling figures.

Dale Steyn (2013) –

South Africa was the site of the game, and Pakistan was one of the teams that played. Only 45 overs of cricket were played because of the weather. Even though Steyn took six wickets, which is the best he has done so far in an ODI, Pakistan was still able to score 262 runs. South Africa’s strong response with the bat put them in a position where they needed to score 11 runs in 12 balls to win. After that, for some reason, they didn’t make the most of it, and in the next eleven balls, they could only score five runs. Even though they were given four leg byes on the last ball, with which they needed to score six runs to win, they were unable to do so and lost by one point. 

Shaun Pollock (1999) –

The West Indies went to South Africa to take part in an international one-day series. West Indies came out to bat first in this game. Even though Shaun Pollock took six wickets, they still scored well and a lot. South Africa won the game with a score of 43 runs to 0 for themselves. Shaun Pollock’s bowling score at the end of the game was 6-35.

Zahoor Khan (2017) –

One of the bowlers for the UAE is named Zahoor Khan. He ended up taking six wickets in this One-Day International match. Even so, Ireland was never really in danger at any point during the whole battle. They got 270 runs and then kept the United Arab Emirates to 185 runs with their bowling. This gave them an easy win by 85 runs. At the end of the game, Zahoor Khan’s bowling score was 6-34 for the competition.

 Mitchell Starc (2015) –

It was a match from the group stage of the 2015 ICC World Cup. The game’s low score made for a great sense of tension. Australia could only get 151 runs when it was their turn to bat. Because of this, New Zealand was way ahead with a score of 78-1. But when Brendon McCullum was out, the innings started to fall apart spectacularly. Stars had a great day because he got a lot of wickets and caused a lot of innings to be lost. Even though he did several important things, Australia still lost to New Zealand by one wicket. Mitchell Starc’s record on the bowling lane at the end of the game was 6-28.

  1. Shane Bond (2003) –

This competition was a component of the FIFA World Cup in the year 2003. This game was not an exception to Australia’s solid performance during the World Cup; in fact, it was quite the opposite. In the end, Australia triumphed against New Zealand by a score differential of 96 runs. The performance of New Zealand’s Shane Bond was particularly noteworthy because of how effectively he performed, which contributed to him taking six wickets. Sixteen points and twenty-three strikes were the final bowling score for Shane Bond.

Imran Khan (1985) –

This was one of four games that were played during the Rothmans Four-Nation Cup, and it was one of those games. The participating teams had traveled from all over the globe to be there. Both Pakistan and India participated in the game, which pitted them against one another. India was eliminated from the competition when they failed to score more than 125 runs and lost all of their wickets in the process. Imran Khan was responsible for India’s loss of six wickets. After receiving their reply, Pakistan scored 87 runs before being bowled out. As a bowler, Imran Khan has a career record of 6-14 in all of his matches.

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