Tips For Planning A Biking Holiday Trip


  1. Talk With The Cottage Owner


You’ll quickly realize that different people have differing ideas of what bike storage truly is. Bike storage can range from a secure locker or garage to a spot next to the garden. Because of this, you want to ensure you are on the same page. While your child’s inexpensive bike may be worth taking a risk on, the brand new bike you spent a month’s salary on isn’t something you’ll want to risk. 


By speaking directly with the owner, you can get a good idea of what kind of bike storage facilities they have. You can ask any questions that you might have about how your bike will be protected and secured. Best of all, you can pick their brains about some of the best local routes that you can take to ensure yourself on the adventure.


  1. Book Servicing Ahead Of Time


A lot of bike stores and local spots can get booked to the brim during the warmer months. This is especially true in the summer because a lot of people are looking to enjoy themselves outdoors. Therefore, you’re going to need to plan. Planning a couple of months ahead of time is essential to ensure you’re ready to go. Anything that needs to be repaired or serviced before your trip needs to get done before you leave. Whether it’s replacing your brake pads or fixing worn gears, you’ll want to have a professional give it a once-over to ensure your bike is ready to go when you need it.


  1. Research Your Options


You should be realistic about both the distance and time it will take to finish a ride. This is especially true if you are looking to ride with a group of people who are different ages and skill levels. You’ll also want to factor in the fitness levels of everyone in the group. You’re going to only be as fast as the slowest rider. Try to start at 10 miles per hour for a fit family and you can tone it down to around 5 miles per hour or 2 miles per hour if you will be biking with a bunch of walkers.


You should look at the things that you can stop by and see along the way. Are there pubs nearby? Are there cafes you can get a bite to eat from? These are things that you will want to consider mapping. While you may be able to go a full 50 miles on a bike ride with no stops, that doesn’t mean everyone in your group will want to or be able to. Incorporate some time for everyone to get a rest and enjoy the scenery. The Lake District is a very popular area in the UK for this reason because of its gradual hills and beautiful views – so why not visit? Lake District breaks are perfect for taking in scenery as you ride.

  1. Try To Pack Light


You will want to ensure that you pack everything deemed essential. However, you also want to ensure that you aren’t packing too much. Packing heavy is a big mistake a lot of people make. Try to pack a couple of tools to leave at the cottage and have some essential tools that you can bring along for the ride. While this will vary based on how remote the cottage is, you may not get a chance to visit a bike shop for an inner tube or something else like that. Because of this, you will want to include spare inner tubes in your packing list. Keep in mind, a lot of bikers will have different wheel sizes. Here is a basic list of things to bring.


Things To Bring:


– Tire levers

– Miscellaneous tools

– Spare inner tubes

– Hand pump

– Spare chain links

– Bike locks

– Puncture repair kit

– Sunscreen

– Bottles for water


Major Tip: For every ride, you want to ensure that everyone has their phone. Also, you want everyone to know the route inside and out. Try to agree on some places where you can meet if you were to get lost along the route. Ensure that every young rider has sufficient hydration and snacks. Also, give everyone some money in case they get lost and need something during the ride.


Always remember to stay hydrated throughout. You’ll find that some shops and cafes along the way will close early. Therefore, you shouldn’t automatically assume they will even be open. While you should always try to sneak in an ice cream bar during the ride, you shouldn’t rely on it.


  1. Safety


While it will depend on the trail you are riding on, you may end up sharing the road with other vehicles. You will find that even the National Cycle Network will force riders to crossroads with vehicles. A lot of drivers will get annoyed and frustrated with cyclists. Because of this, you want to be extra diligent while riding. Here are some tips to keep you out of danger while riding your bike.


Tips For Avoiding Danger: 


– Wear some bright colors

– Wear good head protection

– Carry a flashlight

– Carry some batteries

– Always pay attention to your surroundings

– Wear sunscreen while out in the sun


  1. Think Of Those Not Riding


If you are going to be heading out on a bike trip and you’ll be with a bunch of people that won’t be riding, you need to think of them. Try to pick a spot along the way where you can have a sit-down picnic. Or you can choose a cafe or pub along the route to eat at. This will keep them involved and it will allow all of the riders to get a break. If you’re going to be driving, don’t forget to equip the vehicle with a bike rack.


No matter if you are biking on a holiday trip or you are doing it in your backyard, cycling is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise. It’s a great way to explore a new place with your loved ones. You can get a lot of inspiration for your next bike trip by looking at some of our holiday cottages that have ample bike storage.

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