Tips for How You Prepare for Powerball

Looking for the right strategy to become one of the luckiest punters can be tiresome. You talk to several mates and discuss new Powerball tricks but do not conclude.

So, how can you play Powerball in Australia with a simplified strategy?

There are tips to prepare well before purchasing brand new Powerball Lotto tickets. With a little bit of planning and analysis of the rules, you can stand a chance to make millions.

You might now be eager to know everything about the preparation phase. So, without any ado, here’s how you become a fine Powerball punter!

Understanding Australian Powerball at a Glance

Before the preparation phase, it’s crucial to know the basics. Here’s your favourite Aussie Powerball in a nutshell:

  • There are two barrels – main and Powerball
  • The main barrel contains 35 numbers, while the Powerball barrel has 20 numbers
  • Choose seven numbers from the primary and one number from the Powerball barrel, respectively
  • If your numbers match the Powerball draw, you win the prize money

The process is pretty simple. But you can better your chances of matching these numbers. How? You will get to understand this in the next section.

Powerball: The Preparation Phase

Want to score AUD 100 million? Here’s how you go about the whole gambling fun.

Know Powerball Divisions

To play Powerball in Australia, you can explore eight divisions. Each of these divisions has a distinct prize pool.

The first division is the jackpot, where you need to match the main barrel numbers plus the Powerball. If nobody wins, players move on to division two.

The subsequent division does not make it compulsory to match the Powerball. With each division, the requirement of winning numbers keeps decreasing. Notably, the odds of winning remain the same.

So, what should you consider?

The combinations. Be one step ahead of other punters who play just for fun. Here’s a quick look at the division combos.

  • Division 1: 7 + Powerball
  • Division 2: 7
  • Division 3: 6 + Powerball
  • Division 4: 6
  • Division 5: 5 + Powerball
  • Division 6: 4 + Powerball
  • Division 7: 5
  • Division 8: 3 + Powerball

Pay Attention to Lucky Numbers

As per the Powerball statistics, ball number 17 has the highest number of recent draws. So, should you consider ‘lucky numbers’ like these?

In short, you should. There is no technical reason to prefer some numbers. But such statistics help you understand the most drawn balls in this lottery.

So, if possible, you can try numbers like 32, 7, 17, 9, and 34. This preparation tip will help you predict your chances of winning.

Leverage System Bets

These bets imply choosing more than a standard number set. If you can spend more, it’s beneficial to select more numbers.

This way, your chances of winning will increase considerably. So, you can prepare in advance by choosing the option of system bets. Know that this tactic doesn’t guarantee a Powerball jackpot.

Summing Up

The Aussie Powerball is itself a rewarding lottery. Choose the numbers from the two pools, be aware of the divisions, and voila! Enjoy the thrill and excitement that several punters experience when they play Powerball.

Remember, the odds are the same with all numbers and divisions. Still, you can prepare by gaining a little information that helps you predict your chances of winning. Amidst all these options, always remember to have fun!

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