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Tips for Designing a Custom Banner for Your Business


Are you struggling to promote your business but your advertising methods are not paying off? Well, if that is the case then you can try custom vinyl banners as they are very efficient at conveying your message to your potential customers and grow your customer base. Eye-catching, easy to read, and goal-oriented are some important characteristics of a good custom banner. Without wasting any more time let’s discuss some of the essential custom banner designing tips necessary for your business.

Fix Your Goal

Before proceeding with anything first you have to fix your goal. Decide what kind of customers you want to target, what message you want to convey to them because deciding all these factors will influence the construct of your banner. If you skip this step then you may end up spending more money in reversing the mistakes you have done. Here is a simple example, think what you want your customers to do after seeing your banner, do you want them to call you, book an online consultation, or directly visit your store, based on that you have to decide the call-to-action for your banners.

Keep Your Texts Engaging or Optimized

A messy banner with too much unnecessary information and wide messages will not be effective for your business. Try to keep your banners simple and exclude all unnecessary details. Include only the information that you think is worth knowing for your customers. Some necessary details that you must include are details about your product, your company name and logo, an effective call-to-action message, and contact details (only the relevant ones). Besides all these, you must also give attention to the font size, font style, and background color because they are also equally important. According to Forbes, the color of your banner plays a very important role in influencing the purchasing decision of your customer.

Maintain a Balance between the Color and the Text

As the previous point says you must pay special attention to the color, font style, and font size while designing custom banners. But you should also restrict yourself from using excessive imagery and strong color. If you are putting detailed color graphics on your banner then you must keep the background either white or neutral, if you want your customers to focus more on texts then you can use semi-transparent images along with the colored background. Images can increase the customizing cost so better to avoid it and put stress on color combinations if you have a tight budget constraint.

Focus on Perfection

Always remember your customers will not have enough time to go through the entire banner, you will only have few seconds to influence them with your banner so you need to optimize the text according to the order you want your customers to read it. For example, you can reduce the size of the texts that are not much important; all the sub-headings should be at least half of the size of the main heading, etc.


These are the 4 important points that you must remember before designing a custom banner. Remember besides advertising your products a custom banner represents your brand so make sure to review it before the final print.



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