Things to keep in Mind Related to KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Lottery

Many people receive a WhatsApp message or a text message, and this text claim that you have won the prize of 25 lacs or 50 lacs in the KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) lottery. 

If you are one of the people who received that message, then be careful not to think that you have won the jackpot because maybe it is a scam. KBC is an Indian program where people can win up to 1 crore by answering some questions. But nowadays, many criminals using the name of KBC Lottery Winner from scams and trying to loot the people.

 Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime Cell also warned people through tweeter about this scam and asked people to be careful. They said that when every year KBC goes on air, these scammers become active. They select the phone number randomly, and after selecting the victim, they inform them that they have won a prize like 25 lacs by KBC Lottery Winner lucky draw. 

After informing them about their prize, they tell the victim that they have to deposit some amount of money as a fee. After this, many people deposit the amount that a scammer demanded, and after getting the money scammer switch off their mobile or sim card. KBC lottery number check is very important.

Beware of 25 Lacs Promise:

If you receive any call or text from an unknown number claiming that you have won the lucky draw of KBC, then try not to take it seriously because there are many chances that scammers are involved behind this call and text they made calls through WhatsApp or sent text messages to victims and congratulating the victim that they have won 25 crores and also promising the victim a meeting with Amitabh Bachan. 

These type of scams are increasing day by day. After the tweet of the Delhi police, many people replied that they also got these types of messages; even one person replied that he called back at that number and abused them. DCP cybercrime also states that they start a KBC Lottery Winner fraud campaign where they give awareness to people about these types of scams and fraud.

Scammers are from India and also from other Countries:

Police also tells that many scammers are from India as well as from others also. They also tell about the incident in which they arrested three people involved in this type of scam. 

Bihar arrested them in March. They mislead women by the message that she won the prize of 45 lacs, then they demand to deposit an amount from the woman through this scam. Police investigated the number from the call was made, then police found out that the number was from another country. Another incident made in July, this scammer looter a resident of Chandigarh by the sending message that he won the prize of 24000 from KBC Lottery Winner. 

There is also these type of cases where scammer even fraud with their relatives and friends. In August, there was a case where his friend created a medical, and his friend looted 5 lacs through this lottery scam. There are some tips to stay away from these scams do not trust these types of calls and messages easily also, do not become a victim of your greed by seeing a message that you have won lakhs. 

If the caller demands depositing some amount of money, then try to avoid these calls because there is a chance that he must be a scammer. But people do not take this type of scam seriously. You need to get the KBC lottery number check beforehand. 

How to become a Part of the real KBC Lottery?

Many people are asking how to join the Real KBC lottery. So it is very easy to join the KBC lottery. You have to load your SIM card and ask the sim provider to send the number to KBC Lottery Winner Sony live show. With this, you can have a chance of winning the jackpot. Then you have to send messages and make calls on WhatsApp consistently. 

KBC service provider is always online 24/7. By these calls and messages, chances for you to win a prize increases. These are the things you have to keep in your mind according to the KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) lottery, and always be careful from scams.  

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