Things to Invest in If You Work From Home

With the recent pandemic, most people had to start working from home in order to have an income to continue to support themselves and their families. While working from home definitely has its perks, one of the most difficult challenges is productivity. It is very hard to stay productive when you are in the comfort of your own home. 

Many people around the world have never worked from home before, it has always been the place they go to to escape work. Making that change has been challenging for us all. There are, however, a lot of pretty cool items and ideas to make work fun with the right products. These products help in many ways to create a workspace in your home that keeps you focused, motivated, and most importantly, comfortable.

Clip-On Reading Light

This product can be incredibly useful if you are working late at night. If you share space with someone such as a significant other or a spouse and you don’t want to disturb them, using a clip-on reading light is incredibly helpful. While most people work on their laptops, a lot of individuals still need to go through papers or read books for their jobs. 

This product is especially helpful if you are a student and need to do a lot of late-night reading for your work. A clip-on reading light doesn’t strain your eyes, as it focuses directly on the pages in front of you. Most reading lights come with different settings so you can read in low light if your eyes start to hurt or adjust the light to something brighter if you need to see something more clearly. 

One huge advantage of this product is that clip-on reading lights tend to be very cheap and affordable. They also tend to have a very long battery life so you don’t need to replace them often, making them a good investment at a low cost.

Adjustable Desk

If you live in a small space, or you don’t have a spare room you can use to turn into a home office, an adjustable desk is definitely something you should invest in. This product can be used either as a standing desk or a regular desk you need a chair for. Because it can be folded and stored it is very convenient if you live in a smaller space. 

This product enables you to set it up in any corner of your home while you need to work and then fold it up and put it away when you’re not using it. Most adjustable desks also have USB ports built into them, so while you are working you can charge your devices and don’t need to worry about a socket being too far away.

A Good Headset

Having a good pair of headphones is very important when you work online. It is highly worth it to invest in a pair of good wireless headphones. Most of them usually have a built-in microphone which is very important if you are in a meeting or if you have to translate or transcribe documents (as transcribing verbally is a lot faster and more productive than typing). 

Investing in specifically wireless headphones is a good idea because it allows you to not be tethered to your desk. If you are listening in on a meeting, for example, a good pair of wireless headphones make it possible for you to grab a drink from your kitchen or walk around a little bit and stretch your stiff muscles. 

Lap Desk

A good lap desk allows you to work comfortably right on your couch. You no longer have to sit at a desk for hours at a time on an uncomfortable chair and ruin your back. This tool is incredibly useful if you are writing or doing something creative where a different setting other than a work desk is beneficial. Check out this website and see quality products for your home office setup.

This product is also very useful if you physically don’t have enough space to set up a home office as you can use it on a couch or a sofa chair. A lap desk also allows you to work outside if you need a change of scenery or want to be in the fresh air. If you don’t have an extra room to spare or if you are sharing a space with someone perhaps, a lap desk allows you to sit pretty much anywhere and work comfortably on your laptop. 

A Good Desk Lamp

If you work online, there is a large possibility that you will need to make video calls pretty often. Now, your only concern here shouldn’t be what to wear to a video interview, but rather, what your lighting situation is. Having good lighting looks clean and professional if you are in a meeting or on a job interview, allowing the person/people you are meeting with to see your face clearly.

Another important thing to note is that if you work late, good lighting is very important for your eyes. By staring at a bright screen all day we put a lot of strain on our eyes risking long term damage. They tend to get tired and it can highly affect our sight too. Having a good desk lamp can really benefit your eyesight in the long run. 

Laptop Stand

Not many people own a desktop computer these days, making most people today work on their laptops. When you set your laptop on a table, it is at a much lower angle than your head forcing you to have to look down. This puts quite a strain on your neck and can lead to giving yourself kinks or even permanently damaging your posture. Raising your laptop to an eye level can highly improve your posture and remove the strain from your neck. 

Another thing to note is that if you are on a video call, a lower angle tends to be quite unflattering, so raising your laptop can instantly give you a better look. A lot of laptop stands are foldable, making them very portable so you can work in any setting. 

Comfortable Chair

Finding the perfect desk chair is probably the most essential product that you need when you work from home. As you will spend most of your day sitting in it, it is very important to find the right fit for you. Padded swivel chairs with high backs tend to be the most comfortable to sit in all day as they allow you to lean back when you need so you don’t strain your back, and also allow you to move around a little bit so you are not stuck in one spot for hours at a time. 

These chairs also usually allow you to adjust the height, so if you are a shorter individual you can still sit comfortably with both of your feet flat on the floor. Chairs with armrests are also a big win for people who work from home. They allow you to prop your elbow on a surface that is not your desk, keeping your posture in check.

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