The Updates You Need to Know About the AFFF Lawsuits

Around the nation, the attorneys are managing AFFF firefighting foam litigation. This article offers the latest information related to the class action case involving AFFF firefighting foam. Visit https://www.dolmanlaw.com/ for detailed information on AFFF lawsuits and how lawyers are helping the victims.

January 12, 2023: According to a recent study, firemen have a 60% higher risk of dying from cancer than the rest of the population. Leukemia had a thrice higher mortality rate, prostate cancer had a fourfold higher mortality rate, and kidney cancer had a twofold higher mortality rate compared to the general population. The scientists stated the obvious: one of the major contributing causes may be the carcinogenic compounds in AFFF.

January 7, 2023: Three defendants, including Tyco, Chemguard Inc., and BASF, have filed motions for summary judgment to withdraw from the trial, which is scheduled to go to court in May 2023.

They contend that there is insufficient proof that the water contamination in Stuart’s municipal water system was caused by their AFFF products. Each of the motions claims that none of the expert witnesses for the plaintiff directly mentioned any of the defendants’ products in their testimony.

There are numerous defendants, and some will be exonerated before trial. 

November 2022: Between November 15 and December 15, 2022, a further one hundred cases were included in the AFFF firefighting foam lawsuit. With this, there are now 3,399 cases. Around 1,300 additional cases have been added to the AFFF class action in 2022, representing an increase of 50 percent. The first bellwether trial is still scheduled for June 2023; however, it will be a case involving contaminated municipal water supplies. Although there will still be some causation evidence, these situations are slightly different from personal injury trials.

Update on the Most Recent AFFF Class Action Lawsuit: November 2022

A settlement mediator has now been designated to “promote and encourage” international settlement discussions, with the first bellwether trial scheduled for 2023. Given that the AFFF action encompasses cancer claims by firefighters and local towns for tainted water supply, the mediator, retired judge Layn Phillips, will have difficult work ahead of her.

Due to the various type of claims—some are made by individuals, while others are made on behalf of entire communities—an AFFF settlement will be a Herculean undertaking. Additionally, various defendants will have varied ideas on what constitutes a suitable AFFF settlement. However, there is a chance that this effort will result in some AFFF settlements, which would be advantageous for everyone.

How Many Plaintiffs Are There in the Class Action Lawsuit Against AFFF?

As of November 15, 2022, there are currently 3,299 cases outstanding in the AFFF class action MDL. In the past 30 days, 111 new AFFF lawsuits have been added. These cases involve personal injury claims made by firefighters who claim their exposure led to the development of cancer. The precise number of cases in each group has not been recorded. Therefore, it’s difficult to put an exact number.

AFFF-related lawsuits are on the rise due to increased awareness of the side effects of the substance. An attorney can help you recover financial damages if you are unsure about the amount or the legal procedures. In any case, it’s helpful to know the updates regarding this lawsuit as it will not only enhance your understanding of the issue but will help your case as well. 

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