The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Venue, Food & Décor

Weddings can be pretty hectic; if you say otherwise, you have never been a bride before (or a bride’s mate, for that matter). They say the wedding is the most important day in your life; clearly, that is true for so many people. So, to execute this gigantic task, what are you to do? What are the steps you go through to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything?

So, he has popped the question, and you are engaged. You have also picked up a date for the wedding. All you need to do is plan. Don’t think that you can set a date in a few weeks. Oh! No, no, no! All the good places are booked for months and months in advance. Therefore, you must have at least 1 year of time to plan this wedding at ease.

Book The Venue:

Once you set the date, it is time to book the venue; that is the first thing you do. When it comes to Christian weddings, most people have the traditional ceremony at the church, and then they move to a different location for the reception. But some people plan a destination wedding, and they get married by the beach. Some do it in nature, and people have done it underwater as well. In this day and age, everything is possible.

  • If you decide to do it outside the church, you will require additional paperwork to be legally wed. Of course, there must be someone to officiate your wedding. But getting someone is the easy part. Arranging the setup in an open space is the hard part. It requires a lot of planning and discipline to pull destination weddings off.
  • You might like to check out rooftop wedding venues to get an idea about what sort of wedding you want to plan. A rooftop wedding can be fun and enjoyable, depending on your vision of the wedding.
  • Once you have booked the venue, you must let the guests know at least 4 months in advance. They might have to book tickets and fly to your town for the wedding. Therefore, make sure you send the mail before 4 to 6 months.

Select The Caterer:

A wedding is a party, after all! It is a party for your closest friends and family and people expect good food. This is the grandest party you are ever going to throw. So, make sure the food is up to the mark. If you go to a party and you like the food served, ask the host to pass the number of the caterer. Don’t just follow recommendations blindly. Ask for a taste test before finalizing the caterer and the menu. Be sure to add vegan and vegetarian options for people who don’t enjoy meat and fish. While you decide on the menu, don’t forget to review the wine list as well.


What is a wedding without lots and lots of flowers? No matter what the venue is, if it is not properly decorated, it will not look grand. And décor is something that you cannot physically work on the wedding day. You must plan for it beforehand. Hire a wedding planner who will worry about these things for you so that you can relax and enjoy the biggest day of your life

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