The ultimate guide to winning chicken dinner in PUBG mobile

After its grand success, PUBG launched its mobile version in 2018. Since then, PUBG mobile has become everyone’s favorite mobile game. Playing PUBG on desktop and mobile is quite different. In the mobile version, you get some advantages as well as disadvantages. So, a good guide for the mobile version is all you need.

In this article, you will find the ultimate guide for PUBG mobile. Following this guide will extend your survival, polish your skills, and help you to win more chicken dinners.

Guide for mastering PUBG mobile

  • Looting

Looting is a must if you are willing to survive in PUBG mobile. But, you need to be swift and efficient when it comes to looting. Making quick decisions and picking up your loot as fast as possible are two essential things you must keep in mind. The best is, moving while collecting the loot. If some enemy approaches you, you have to be quick enough to grab a gun and shoot.

  • Ammunition

Handling ammunition can be really difficult, mainly if you are a beginner. You have to collect all available ammo as soon as possible until a perfect set of weapons is found. If you lack space, you have to drop some of your items and make more space for new weapons.

Making your ammo can be beneficial as your teammates can pick that up. Always keep checking the ammo you are carrying and loot as many crates as possible belonging to your enemies.

  • Sharing resources

Sharing your weapons and resources with your teammates is always beneficial. This is a wonderful way to make a strong team. No matter how strong you are, if you play with a weak team, you cannot survive battles against pro-players.

Moreover, hoarding weapons without using them has no point. If you share them with a member who can put those to use, your team will get benefited in the end. Marking extra Ammos, heals, and scopes on the ground will alert your teammates about available resources.

  • Graphics

You can change the graphics settings to have a better experience. One can get the highest graphics even on its mobile version. You need to set its graphics in smooth mode and apply the maximum frame supported on your device.

Currently, PUBG mobile is available with 90 fps. So, to enjoy a fluid game, your device must support a display refresh rate of around 90 Hz. When you use the best graphics, you also get the fastest response to your commands. Thus, you get a better grip on the game. For more such tips, visit

  • Headphones

PUBG mobile is not only about battles, firing, and explosions. The player has to be very careful to survive longer. In every corner, there are hidden enemies and lurkers. When you are using a good set of headphones, you can hear every footstep and vehicle movement.

It will also alert you about nearby gunshots, so you can prepare yourself for upcoming battles. Last but not least, you will require headphones to communicate effectively with your teammates.

  • Voice commands

If you are playing PUBG mobile with a team, smooth communication is essential for your progress. There are some preloaded voice commands in this game that you can quickly access. With their help, communicating with your friends becomes easy. Few comments also include the marking feature. So, you can mark the map for looting, enemies, and vehicles.

  • Voice chatting

Communication is very important if you want to win PUBG mobile. For that, you can use in-game voice chats. But whenever you are using voice chats, make sure that there is no background noise. A noisy environment can be really distracting for your other teammates.

You will find easily accessible switches to turn on and off the voice chat. One can also use the tap to speak option. If you want to give the exact direction to your teammates, use the compass on the top of your screen.

  • Third-person viewing

A player can use this third-person view to his advantage. Attacking your enemies in PUBG mobile is always a hasty decision. You should stay behind the wall and wait for them to make the first move. You can plan the attack when your enemies are unaware of your location and are in a vulnerable position. In this case, you can use the third-person view to kill your opponents. Once you get habituated, you will be able to kill the whole team all by yourself.


So, these are all the useful tips that will help you get more chicken dinners and survive longer. This guide is helpful for both new and seasoned players. PUBG mobile is a fun game full of adventure and thrill. So keep practicing and keep having fun with your friends.

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