The Top 3 Haunted Spots in Savannah

There are many reasons why Savannah is notably one of the most haunted cities in America. From sacred Native American burial grounds to epidemics that caused mass deaths to battlegrounds filled with soldiers who can’t seem to move on from battle, Savannah is full of ghostly wonders. If you were to take a Savannah ghost tour, you would find three top spots that are the most haunted in the city. Below, we will look at the top three haunted spots in Savannah and how they earned their title.

  1. Marshall House

One of the most haunted spots in Savannah is the Marshall House. The Marshall House is filled with a rich history that explains why it is so haunted. During the age of the Civil War, this hotel acted as a hospital for soldiers. It went through two yellow fever epidemics during its era as a hospital. This hotel is a sight to see on any ghost tour and has quite a reputation. Guests have spotted ghosts in hallways and foyers and have heard the sound of children laughing and playing while no one was there. When staying in this haunted hotel, you may even experience faucets turning on by themselves. If you are ready to get spooked, the Marshall House is perfect for you.

  1. Hamilton-Turner Inn

The Hamilton-Turner Inn has much history dating back to the 1800s. This home was built for Mr. Hamilton and later was sold to Dr. Turner, where it gained the name of the Hamilton-Turner Inn. What used to be a mansion for these notable people has turned into a ghost adventure for us today, as there are many reports of ghostly sightings and paranormal activity in these historic halls. There have been sounds of children laughing and even billiards falling from the pool table and rolling across the floor. Many reports have included a man sitting on the rooftop smoking a cigar and often holding a rifle. The man on the rooftop isn’t alone: There have also been sightings of a Civil War soldier roaming the halls and knocking on guests’ doors. Although the house was built after the Civil War era, this soldier wanders the halls because the home was built on his gravesite.

  1. Moon River Brewing Company

While Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America, there is one spot that is arguably the most haunted in America. Moon River Brewing Company is filled with not only a rich history but a paranormal track record. Many have visited this brewery and left having a ghost encounter of their own. In the beginning, this brewery started as a hotel in 1821. The building has served as the former City Hotel and then as a hospital during the war. The building sat empty for a long time before it was bought and converted into a brewery. The basement of this brewery is known as the most haunted place in the building. A ghost named Toby is known for brushing up against people while they play billiards or even getting mad enough to push them. Not only do patrons feel Toby, but many have also claimed to see him. Many have reported seeing bottles being thrown from the bar or even getting pushed or locked in bathroom stalls on other floors. There is no doubt that the Moon River Brewing Company has abundant paranormal activity.

Take a Tour

While these are the top three haunted spots in Savannah, there are many more places to visit that have been known for ghost encounters. One of the best ways to get in on all the ghostly activity is to take a Savannah ghost tour and soak in action for yourself. With a history as rich as Savannah’s, there’s no doubt that there are more haunted places to discover.


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