The Prostate Cancer Statistics You Need to Know

Did you know that across the globe, more men get cancer than women?

The United States, in particular, has a major cancer problem. Out of all nationalities, American men have the 24th highest cancer rate. That’s very high considering about 65 countries rank lower!

Compared to America, many poorer countries have lower prostate cancer statistics, one of the most common men’s cancers. Their men also experience lower rates of all cancers.

So, what’s going wrong?

Americans don’t get enough education about prostate cancer. So, men aren’t proactive enough to stay healthy. Read on for some key prostate cancer facts. 

There Are Several Highest-Risk Groups

Out of every 8 men, chances are high that 1 of them will eventually get a prostate cancer diagnosis. Many of the diagnosed fall into high-risk groups.

Age is a major factor: Guys 60 and older have much higher chances of developing prostate cancer compared to younger fellows. 

Race also plays a role in prostate cancer rates. Non-Hispanic Black men, compared to other races, have the most significant rate of prostate cancer.

Overall worse health, including low activity and an unhealthy diet, also encourages prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Kills

Now that you know about high-risk groups, what is prostate cancer, and what is the usual prostate cancer prognosis?

When a man has prostate cancer, an unnatural mass of cells called a tumor grows on his prostate. It often complicates basic functions like urination and erections. Other body systems can fall prey to spreading prostate cancer if you don’t catch it early, making it harder to treat and more dangerous.

Other than lung cancer, prostate cancer is the variety that claims the most American men’s lives, about 1 in 40 patients. Still, the average guy who gets a prostate cancer diagnosis battles his way through the illness or manages it with treatment and lives to tell the tale.

Treatment Options Are Better Than Ever

No cure for prostate cancer exists yet but there’s some good news in the meantime. There’s a wider selection of treatments than ever before. Many of them are more effective than prior therapies.

Prostate cancer patients can use traditional methods, something newer like targeted therapy, or may use a combination.

Unique kinds of chemotherapy are a modern example. You can read about one kind at this link:

The effect of treatment depends on how much prostate cancer grows. It often either reduces the tumor or sends it into remission. That means there’s no cancer in the body, at least not for the time being.

Prostate cancer returns from remission for under half of all patients. Many of those patients seek more treatment. Most guys “beat” prostate cancer, meaning it goes into remission and never comes back.

Prostate Cancer Statistics and Other Ways to Stay Healthy and Informed

These prostate cancer statistics tell you about a common men’s illness. Live a healthy lifestyle and the odds you’ll become part of these figures are slim.

Everyone needs health tips, work hacks, and more. You’re on the right site for all the handy facts you need to make life great. Click on another article and start learning away.


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