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Starting in 2020, the legislation regulated the offer of casino bonuses, negatively affecting them. It consisted of the reduction of the offer to 200 $ maximum and the modification of the associated terms and conditions. This was to clarify these terms and make them fairer to users. COVID-19, and the state of alarm that forced the confinement of the Spaniards, positively impacted the game. Land-based casino users migrated to online sites. In addition, the isolation caused new users to join the usual ones. In this way, the sites initially noticed a significant increase in the number of users. However, the situation described did not last long, as new restrictions affected the scenario.

The DGOJ enacted Law 11/2020 prohibiting advertising and welcome promotions. The reason was to protect the health of Spaniards during confinement, due to the risk of addiction. In addition, to prevent online gambling among minors and reduce rates of gambling. Casinos expressed their rejection of the measure due to the quality of their services. In addition, they indicated dissatisfaction with sectors such as the lottery (owned by the State) being allowed to operate in phase 1. With the passing of months and the cancellation of advertising, the industry suffered a downturn. The volume of bets and number of users decreased between 50% and 80%. In addition to the reduction of the purchasing power of users and the suspension of sporting events.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has not yet been overcome, and that the Law has been relaxed, many restrictions remain. It is likely that in the future welcome bonuses will be banned and hours of play will be limited. These measures will benefit operators without a Canadian license. For this reason, it is believed that the number of users playing at unregulated online casinos is and will continue to increase. It should be borne in mind that, due to the country’s economic recession, society will have less purchasing power. Therefore, users will opt for more accessible and less restricted options. Anyway, this would not be new, for many years users play on unregulated sites. Because these offer fewer restrictions and follow the legality of your country.

Why play at an unlicensed casino in Canada 

Playing at an unlicensed casino in Canada offers great advantages, such as the following.

  1. More variety in games and developers. They usually have hundreds of slots, 21 blackjack, more number of live casino rooms, and more number of game providers. They also offer less popular casino games such as sic bo or scratch cards.
  2. One of the best features is that you have no weekly betting limits. It is certainly excellent news for those who do not want such restrictions.
  3. It features higher welcome bonuses reaching over $1000. Regulated casinos in Canada are limited to a maximum of $200.
  4. They offer a greater number of free spins than regulated casinos.
  5. Players ‘ winnings are tax-free.
  6. They are less demanding when it comes to checking personal data, it is a less invasive system.
  7. They present more variety of payment and withdrawal methods, depending on the site.

Some of the disadvantages or risks of playing at a casino not regulated by Canada are the following:

  • They do not have as many self-exclusion measures for people with gambling problems. In this way, people who have problems with gambling could be affected.
  • The security guarantees are lower than those of regulated casinos in Canada. That is, you cannot claim as a Canadian user. However, you can make your complaints and suggestions through the website to the entity that regulates the casino. These unregulated sites in Canada offer legal consulting services to players.
  • As there are no weekly limits when betting, you have the risk of using more money and time than advisable. However, we recommend responsible gambling, don’t bet too much, and resting frequently.

Online casinos in Curaçao

As we discussed at the beginning, many online casinos are legal, but with international regulations. Licensed casinos in Curaçao are the most popular in Canada. Licenses are granted by the Curaçao Gaming Authority (Curaçao eGaming), recognized since 1996.

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