The Most Popular Cannabis Strains You Must Try in 2022

It’s 2022, so you can imagine all the new cannabis strains available! We all know about the good ol’ Purple Haze and White Widow, but have you heard of Apple Cider or Watermelon Skittles? You probably haven’t, and there are tons more you could have never imagined! 

As a veteran cannabis consumer, you should get tired of all the moldy-tasting buds you smoke every day and experience the amazing world of marijuana strains every smoker’s dreams are made of! If you’re too lazy and just finished your joint, you might want to read this review and see what your weed-filled life’s been missing! 

Top 6 Most Popular Cannabis Strains to Try in 2022! 

Forget about CBD gummies, oils, or lotions – the good old wrapped-up joints are back in business and fashion, and there are tons of new hybrids to try. Don’t waste a minute more; find your top strains and shop online at Secretsmoke! And if you don’t know which mouth-watering buds to try, we’re counting down the top, most beloved cannabis strains to hit in 2022! 

LA Confidential 

Nothing but the best can come from California, and you know those guys understand their cannabis. An Indica-dominant strain is reminiscent of the old-timey Kush strains, this LA native hits kind of skunky but only for a short while. When LA folk say that’s that “ish,” this is what they mean. 

It fills both the nose and mouth with notes of pinecones and freshly-cut weeds, and it’s super suitable for late nights by the TV. Perfect for before bedtime, but also in group settings. With LA Confidential, you can always expect a good night’s sleep or an engaging conversation with friends. 

Purple Urkle 

For the fans of fruity flavors and faint traces of tropical, you can give the Purple Urkle a try. Widely known as a chill pill because it gets you all nice and relaxed, the Urkle is super suitable for naps. It tastes like grapes, accompanied by fresh scents of berries, cherries, and earthy after-tones. 

It hits similarly to skunk variants, with quick-overcoming effects, leaving you with a full-body, blissful high. You can also expect some sleepiness, making the purp Urkle perfect for killing insomnia! The looks of it are also breathtaking! 

Ice Cream Cake 

For the die-hard fans of ice cream, there’s an even better late-night snack. This Indica-dominant ice cream cake strain is much sought after because of its incredible smell and even better vanilla-filled taste! Make your chilling experience even more awesome with this green-purple beauty, delicious in any form. 

Commonly referred to as the dessert strain, ice cream cake is suitable for after-work hours if you just want to kick back with a book or chill out with friends. Fans report that trying this strain is even better than eating actual ice cream in bed!

Peanut Butter Breath 

If you’ve ever enjoyed peanut butter on bread, then you know how to live. But enjoying the peanut butter breath strain might be even better! This mouth-watering hybrid delivers one dank, unstoppable high that even the most tolerant of cannabis consumers feel. It also fills the room with a salted peanut butter smell that everyone would want to get a whiff off. 

Besides getting your mind to soar, peanut butter breath tickles your palates, so prepare for the ‘munchies’! You can also say goodbye to your diet once you try this breath of fresh buttery-filled air – It’s that tasty. Use the peanut butter for dozing off activities, killing boredom, sea watching, hammock laying, etc. 

Banana Punch 

Another one for the fruit nuts out there is the powerful banana punch. This hybrid is one smooth-talker, with wild looks and even crazier smells. Perfect for all-day highs and mind-soars for hours to come, banana punch is excellent for a day’s smoke! 

You can expect this strain to get you into a talkative mood, have you enjoying music, or attack the fruit salad bar! It tastes like citrus and limes with an aftertaste of banana! Get a pen and paper as the banana punch might punch you right into a creative streak! 

Alaskan Thunder F**k 

Whether you like the name or not, this strain does give your mind a spin that leads you to curse widely! It’s a pretty rare breed of its own, coming from incredible Alaska, and you know that this thing hits strong since it endures all kinds of weather! 

It’s legendary and a Sativa-dominant strain. ATF leaves every cannabis consumer with a wide-open mouth. It has Afghani genetics, which most Kush strains have, and hits then times harder than the usual. It causes a lot of euphorias, but it also fills the room with skunky smoke. You can expect trace scents of lime, pinecones, and even menthol! The buzz is also long-lasting, thanks to its hardy construction!

Looking for any of these strains online? Look no further as you can find anything and everything marijuana-related if you shop online at Secretsmoke!

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