The main advantages of a laptop over a desktop computer

During the high popularity of video games, many gamers prefer to buy a computer to be able to buy poe currency and play their favorite game, but what about laptops? Many people do not consider them as the main technique, because in their opinion they are weak, inconvenient and require charging – all this can be attributed as a minus if you understand the topic superficially.

Gone are the days when even the most advanced laptop could not even come close to the power of a gaming computer and could only be used for office work. Now a gaming laptop is a full-fledged device that is better than a gaming PC in terms of mobility and is the same in other parameters. It is ideal for gamers who love to travel and spend too much time at work and on the road.

Let’s discuss the main advantages of a laptop over a desktop computer.

  • Mobility
  • Similar power
  • The need for charging
  • Minimum devices for performance


It will not be a secret to anyone that the main advantage of a laptop over a PC is mobility. You can always take it with you to work or travel, or you can conveniently place it on your lap and play your favorite game – a laptop does not even need a table.

To make the laptop transportable and not damage it, we need a bag for it and a mouse for the laptop, which will be more convenient to play and use the operating system.

Similar power

With the right selection of a gaming laptop, its power will not be drastically different from a stationary PC and will be able to cope with all demanding games at ultra settings.

How to choose:

Processor – 7 or 9 series processors of the latest generation will perfectly cope with the main loads on the operating system and when running heavy games.

RAM – at least 8 GB, good – 16 GB, ideal – 32 GB. The operating system, like the browser, will always take a lot of RAM for itself, so in order for it to be enough for games and to have a constantly stable FPS, you need to have at least 8 GB of RAM available.

Video Card – Ideally, if the laptop has at least a 3000 series graphics card with minimal power cuts for a laptop, then all games will fly at ultra setting even with ray tracing enabled.

Screen – Our choice will affect only the matrix and screen expansion. The matrix should be IPS if a mid-range gaming laptop, or Oled for expensive models. Both matrices are ideal for gaming, but OLEDs have a brighter and more saturated picture, but also a higher cost. Screen extension – full HD 1920×1080 or 2k will be enough for full-fledged gaming and watching movies on a colorful screen.

Cooling – A good gaming laptop needs good cooling so that it doesn’t burn out while realizing its power – water cooling is ideal, based on the principle of two overflow vessels, each of which cools the system and does not create additional noise. More budget versions will have coolers, but be prepared to buy a laptop stand with additional cooling – the base system may not be able to handle it.

The need for charging

The need for charging – at first glance it may seem that the item is indicated as a minus, but this is not entirely true.

Yes, a gaming laptop requires recharging and often, but if you opt for a modern gaming device, you will get a device equipped with a charger similar to a smartphone charger and you can easily charge your laptop anywhere by connecting it to a power outlet without additional wires.

Of course, we can say that a stationary PC does not need to be charged, but it is also problematic to take it with you, and a laptop can be charged with a convenient device, connected to the network and played from it, and buy a power bank that will charge the laptop when traveling where there is no access to a power source.

Minimum devices for performance

The laptop requires a minimum of devices for full performance.

It doesn’t need a keyboard and monitor – just an extra if you need extra content during work or gaming sessions.

For full-fledged work, a laptop will need a gaming mouse for a computer and charging and a place with stable Internet if we are talking about online gaming.

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