The Guide That Makes Packing Glassware When Moving Homes Simple

Are you moving homes and need moving boxes?

Don’t cheap out. Instead, go for high-quality boxes from trusted name brands. Places like Amazon, Walmart, and Lowe’s are just a few of the top places to get boxes from.

Once you have your boxes, you can start the delicate process of packing up your glassware. To help you out, we’ve created this short guide, all about packing plates, glasses, and more! So take a look; by the time you’re done reading, you’ll know how to pack like a smart homeowner.

Packing Glasses

Once you move into your new home, opening up a bottle of wine is the perfect way to celebrate. To make sure all of your drinking glasses get there in one piece, you’ll need to buy the right type of box. We suggest buying a box that is designed for dish packing. Next, you’ll need cardboard inserts and white packing paper.

Burrito Method

The easiest way to wrap any glass is by using the burrito method. Lay the white paper down like a tortilla shell, and put the glass on top. Take a corner of the packing paper and begin rolling the wine glass diagonally—Tuck in the sides of the paper, and the same way you would a burrito.

You’ll keep rolling the glass until you’ve reached the end of the paper. However, you’re not done yet! Grab another piece of packing paper and repeat the process 4 to 6 times.

The thickness of the glass will determine how much packing paper you need for cushioning. Thicker glasses won’t require as much paper, where are thin glasses need extra support. When you’re all done, you’ll have a big puffy paper burrito with a glass inside.

Since it’ll be difficult to know what’s inside the paper at a glance, you’ll need to clearly mark each class. A common rookie mistake is forgetting to label and accidentally throwing away the “wads” of paper at the bottom of the box.

Bottom Box Cushion

Now you should have all of your glasses securely labeled and wrapped in packing paper. Instead of putting the glasses in the boxes as is, you’ll want to create an extra layer of cushion. Using the white packing paper, put a three to four-inch layer of cushion at the bottom of the box.

Are you using cardboard inserts? You can place one of the inserts on top of the packing paper cushion to help push things down. Suppose you’re not using inserts, no worries. Carefully start placing the glasses in one vertical layer. By letting the glasses stand up, they’ll be more secure and less prone to breaking.

Once you have filled the box with a layer of glasses, add another layer of cushion. Place a generous amount of packing paper on top of the glasses, and lay down another cardboard insert. You can repeat this process until the box is completely full. If the box is too full to fit more glasses but still has empty space, fill it up with packing paper.

Then you can take the box up and label it fragile. You should also include what glasses are inside the box and the room you’d like them to go in. Every little organizational step you can take now we’ll make a big difference when you’re unpacking. If you’re pressed for time, you can discover more on local moving services that help with the loading process.

Packing Plates

When you’re moving home, you can use the same packing paper from the glasses for the plates, platters, and bowls. Instead of using a burrito method, you’ll want to wrap large pieces of glassware like a present. Place the paper down, lay the Glasser on top, and begin bringing the corners to the center.

After tucking in the sides, repeat the process with another piece of paper until the glassware is completely covered. You can secure your bundle with a single piece of tape. Carefully place the wrapped plate or bowl in the moving box, and repeat the process for the other pieces of glassware. The larger the item, the more paper you’ll need.

Heavy vs. Lightweight Glassware

Try to keep the heavier pieces of glassware in the same box. If you do have to mix things up, always put the heavy items on the bottom of the box.

You should also avoid making anyone box too heavy. It’s a good idea to keep the box weights under 40 lb. If the boxes are awkward to lift or carry, it’s more likely that they’ll be tousled or even dropped.

Do yourself a favor and create a special box just for moving day. Include all of the glassware you’ll need to make and enjoy a meal the same day you move in. That way, you don’t have to do a ton of them packing when your stomachs are growling from the move.

Loading Dishes Up

Moving glassware is a delicate process and should never be done in a rush. After carefully packing each box, cautiously load them onto the moving truck. Place the heavy boxes at the bottom of the truck to secure your stacks. Don’t make anyone stack of boxes too tall, and pre-plan for any potential shifts during transport.

For instance, if the couch shifts during the drive, will the dish boxes be safe? Find ways to secure the heavy items in the truck, so your fragile boxes will be safe.

Moving Homes the Easy Way

Now you know the best ways to protect your glassware when moving homes! If you don’t already have packing supplies, start loading up today. Get enough packing paper so you’ll be able to generously cushion the bottom of each box. Don’t forget to look for cardboard inserts, too, since they can make things so much easier.

Finally, remember to take your time both packing and to load the glassware on the truck. As a smart homeowner, you understand that knowledge helps you get ahead. For more insightful tips and bits of knowledge, check out the rest of our site.


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