The Brief Guide That Makes Creating a Robust Parking Lot Design Simple

Demand for high-quality parking lots has never been higher.

Indeed, there are now 1 billion passenger cars being driven around the world! With so many vehicles in use, people are always hunting for somewhere secure and convenient to park up, especially in busy places, such as cities.

The tricky part’s coming up with a robust parking lot design to satisfy their needs.

Know the struggle and want some help with the task? Keep reading for a brief guide to designing the best parking lot possible.

Consider Its Purpose

Start by identifying the primary purpose of your parking lot. Who’s it for? What function will it serve?

After all, not all lots are made equal!

Some serve customers at busy retail parks and grocery stores, whereas others are designed for truck-loading outside factories and/or warehouses. As you’d expect, this has a significant impact on everything from the amount of space required to the thickness of the pavement and general parking lot layout.

Only with the purpose in mind can you design something that’ll do the job.

Consider Space and Size

Size matters when it comes to parking lots! Not only does there have to be enough spaces to cater to the clientele you have in mind, but each space must be big enough to accommodate their vehicles.

This is where the purpose of your lot comes into play. For example, the standard dimensions of 9 x 19ft for a public-use parking space may be insufficient for people carrying groceries back to their vehicle.

Then there are the amenities to think about.

Things like two-way barriers and public toilets both take up lots of room! Working out how many slots you can fit into the lot will reveal whether there’s enough space left to include them. Prioritize the number of slots for the best ROI.

Space Efficiency Is Key

Here are a few quick-fire tips to help you design an efficient, space-saving parking lot that delivers great bang for your buck:

  • Designing a rectangular lot will fit more vehicles than one that’s an irregular shape
  • Make sure the “long sides” of the rectangle are parallel
  • You’ll fit the most slots if you angle them at 90 degrees

Consider the Lighting

Lighting’s one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of parking lot design. It’s vital to both security and practicality, ensuring drivers feel safe and can maneuver effectively in low light.

For energy-efficiency reasons (which leads to financial savings and environmental advantages) and better overall quality, most modern lots install LED lighting. With many options out there in terms of wattages, features, and mounts, though, the tricky part’s finding the right ones for the job! Avoid expensive mistakes by doing some additional research into LED Parking Lot lights.

Time to Create a Robust Parking Lot Design

Are you in the process of designing a parking lot to meet the demand for extra parking spaces in your area? Well, we hope the suggestions in this article will help!

Keep them in mind and you should have a robust parking lot design in place in no time. For more information on this topic and others like it, browse the “Business” section of the website now.


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