The Best Plants to Give as a Wedding Gift

Choosing a gift for newlyweds is a difficult task at the best of times. How do you find something that’s going to stand out amongst the overflowing table of goodies? Visa gift cards of course! Everyone loves these and they can now be customized.


A bottle of champers is all well and good, but it’s not going to last more than an evening at best. So what should you buy to signify their lifelong commitment to each other?


Giving plants as a wedding gift is becoming increasingly popular. They’re a great way to bring a slice of the outside world into your very own living room. And, like a marriage, they flourish with a little love.


We’ve got the ultimate guide to the best plant-themed wedding gifts for every happy couple. 

Bonsai Trees

What better symbol of everlasting love than a wedding bonsai tree? With bonsai trees able to live for centuries, it’s a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. 


You can find gift sets with all the tools and food they need to shower their tree with love, just like their new spouse. 


Each bonsai tree comes complete with its own perfectly sized decorative pot. The best thing about these traditional containers is how easy they make it to take your tree wherever you go. No matter how many house moves the new Mr and Mrs go through, they won’t have to worry about leaving their beloved tree behind. 


A Myrtle (Myrtus communis) is a beautiful plant with delicate white flowers set against deep glossy green leaves. The flowers themselves are reminiscent of weddings, but it’s the history and symbolism behind Myrtle that makes it the perfect wedding gift. 


The flowers have been used in Royal weddings since Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert. She used a sprig of Myrtle in her bouquet, taken from a plant in the garden of her summer home, Osborne House. Queen Vic was well versed in floriography (the language of flowers), so she knew that Myrtle was a symbol of love. 


Ever since that iconic wedding, any Royal bride has had a sprig of myrtle in their bouquet. Yep, even Meghan Markle. Talk about the perfect way to make any bride feel like a princess on her wedding day, with a right royal gift.


We’re talking about something with a little more longevity than a bouquet of cut stems. A standard tree rose, or even a simple shrub rose makes a beautiful wedding gift. 


With a little TLC, a rose will produce delightful blooms year after year. What better way to remind a couple of their special day than seeing delightful flowers rambling through the garden or entwining around an arch.


With a huge range of roses available, it’s easy to personalise your gift to their favourite colours. From deep ruby reds all the way through to pearly whites and everything in between, there’s a bloom for every taste. You can even find varieties with wedding-themed names!

Fruit Trees

With sumptuous harvests each year, fruit trees are a fun and delicious wedding gift. Practicalities aside, different fruits have symbolic meanings, such as purity, joy, and happiness. 


Why not bestow good vibes to the new Mr and Mrs, be it the friendship and purity of a lemon tree or the health and happiness of a wild apple tree. 


Our favourite gift idea is a cherry tree. It produces elegant blossoms each year, which drift down in the wind just as the confetti does on a wedding day. Cherry trees are also said to bring good fortune and happiness, exactly what any newly married couple needs.

Wedding Cake Tree

Wedding cake trees are decorative, elegant, and the perfectly named plant to give as a wedding gift. They’re so-called because of their iconically tiered branches, which make the tree look like a larger-than-life wedding cake.


Green leaves are laced with cream edges, and clusters of creamy white flowers form in the summer. The overall impression is that of a beautifully decorated cake, and it’s perfect to brighten up any area of the garden. 


Best of all, this wedding cake won’t spread too far or take up too much room. So it’s a practical and thoughtful gift that will bring a smile to their faces day after day.  

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the most thoughtful plant gifts you can give. Chinese traditions say this plant represents various wonderful things, according to how many stems you give. Two stems symbolise love, which is ideal for a wedding.


You can also give more stems to bring a whole host of luck, health, and happiness to the happy couple. Just stay away from 4. This number is similar to the word “death” in Chinese, so it’s not what you want to gift someone on their wedding day.


While a lucky bamboo is actually a dracaena rather than a true bamboo, it looks the real deal and has wonderful symbolism behind it. Not only does it bring good fortune into a marital home, but it’s also beautiful and low maintenance. Even the least green-fingered couple will enjoy the benefits for years to come. 

Adopt an Olive Tree

This is a wonderfully quirky idea if you love the thought of green gifting, but the newlyweds don’t have any garden space. Or if they’re renowned for killing their house plants. 


You can pick the farmer and a name for their new olive tree, and they’ll receive an adoption pack. But best of all, they’ll also get 3 tins of olive oil from their tree every 3 months. The flavours include standard, chilli, basil and white truffle.


A practical and delicious present, especially if the new Mr or Mrs is a keen home chef. 


Gifting a well-thought-out plant is a thoughtful token for any newlyweds. From beautiful blooms to gestures of health and good fortunes, it’s a sentimental way to wish the happy couple well on their upcoming journey together.


Whether you want to tap into floriography or just like the way a plant looks, they make great wedding gifts. 



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