THC Drinks vs Edibles: Two Ways To Get High

THC is the psychoactive compound in your cannabis. It’s the component responsible for delivering the high effect synonymous with cannabis. 

But cannabis products aren’t equal. Cannabis is available in consumable products with different THC offerings. One cannabis product can get you super high within minutes, and the other may take eons.

So, how do you choose your cannabis products? We look at THC drinks vs edibles. Learn what their differences are and how you can choose the right one.

THC Drinks Vs Edibles: What Is the Difference? 

THC drinks are cannabis beverages like weed tonics, seltzer, beverages, and soft drinks. THC edibles are foods infused with marijuana. They include a range of forms like cookies, gummies, and chocolates. 

THC edibles are quite popular, unlike THC drinks. You’ve probably tried them as they’re one form of marijuana that is discreet and easy to dose. Many people looking for an easy way to consume marijuana prefer edibles to other forms.

THC-infused drinks are the new craze in the THC world. More cannabis users, especially those who take booze, diverge to cannabis drinks. In the US, consumer awareness of THC-infused beverages increased by 9% in 2021. 

Are you curious to learn between THC drinks and THC edibles are better or more potent? Let us find out before you pop at Sava’s edibles for the coolest THC drinks and edibles on the market. 


We love edibles because they’re super easy to consume. THC gummies are often the best due to their high level of discreteness. You could take gummies on the go or at work and no one will ever notice. 

Pulling out your THC drink at work may attract a bunch of rolling eyes from your colleagues. Despite its popularity, marijuana is yet to be wholly embraced in some quarters. 

If you’re looking for a super-discreet way to consume your THC, you would still have to go with edibles. THC drinks like cannabis seltzer or spirits come in cute cans that always catch the eye. 


Bioavailability refers to the amount of THC that will enter your bloodstream when you consume THC. Smoked or intravenously administered THC has higher bioavailability than other forms. 

You should know what’s more bioavailable when choosing between THC edibles vs. THC drinks. Bioavailability determines whether your THC will have the optimal effect. A highly bioavailable THC will ensure you get the highest high. 

And in the THC drinks vs. THC edibles contest, the outright winner of what can give you an utmost high is clear. Weed drinks kick in faster and more effectively than cannabis edibles. 

Edibles take time before they get absorbed into the liver. They are then converted into a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC. While this THC version is potent, it takes longer to kick in, unlike when you’re taking cannabis seltzer. 

Cannabis seltzer and beverages behave like alcohol. Their absorption into the bloodstream begins the moment you take your first sip. Water-soluble THC seeps into your blood through your mouth and digestive tract walls.

In short, it takes a few minutes to feel the high kicking in after taking your weed drink. You will feel like you just had a glass of wine or a tot of rum, but it’s the high kicking in. This explains why THC drinks are becoming the go-to alcohol alternatives. 


Marijuana has always been a recreational and wellness herb. It’s only that it has been illegal for many years that you may not be very comfortable carrying it.

One major consideration when choosing between THC drinks and THC edibles is convenience. You want to enjoy all the THC benefits without being a nuisance to others or compromising your needs.

THC edibles are available as capsules, gummies, or cookies. This gives you more control over your dose. It also allows you to enjoy your weed without carrying portable devices like vapes. 

And there’s no fun way to take THC other than as canned drinks. Canned cannabis beverages bring the vibe of takeaway drinks, but this time with a touch of weed. You can take a refreshing sip as you enjoy the outdoor breeze. 

Social Suitability

Any drink that fills the bill as the perfect alcohol alternative is bound to be socially suitable. Gummies or cookies may not help you fit in outdoors as drinking does.

Increased health awareness is forcing people to look for alcohol alternatives. Alcohol can elevate moods and perk up your band, but it comes with health risks. Cannabis seltzer and spirits provide a drink that you can incorporate into your social life. 

Smoking or vaping may force you to excuse yourself from the party for a few minutes. Taking edibles without an accompanying drink will make you feel like you’re in the wrong company. 

With cannabis drinks, you can join in the fun and toasts and enjoy the entire party. Cannabis drinks also give you a long time to enjoy your drink and participate in the fun. 

One 12 fl oz is as good as any beer and capable of ensuring you enjoy your time outdoors. And the beauty of it is you can take several cans and not worry about having a hangover. 

The Durability of the High Effect

We often use cannabis to relax and forget the pressures of our lives. A long-lasting high can help us calm down and get rid of the heaviness in our heads. Drinks with THC can assault our burdens and helps us to focus faster and stay in the present. 

The problem with drinking is that you can’t drink too much to drown all your worries. And the effect of drunk THC kicks in fast but doesn’t last long. Ingested CBD may have low bioavailability, but it can give you a more durable high.

THC edibles will help boost your activation time and ensure you enjoy your high for many hours. Your body digests THC before absorbing it into the bloodstream when you eat an edible. You can integrate THC edibles into your routine if you want a slow but sure high. 

Diversity of THC Drinks vs. THC Edibles

Diversity is the game’s name whether you’re using THC drinks or THC edibles. THC edibles and drinks allow you to enjoy THC in varying flavors, forms, and doses.

With THC edibles, you can enjoy delectable options like flavored gummies, cookies, and chocolates. THC gummies come in tasty flavors like cherry, apple, strawberry, watermelon, etc. 

Current THC gummies and cookies may contain other empowering ingredients to bolster their usefulness. For example, THC gummies for sleep are powered by the sleep elixir, melatonin. 

On the other hand, pot drinks are all the rage and available in some unimaginable forms. We have dissolvable THC in packets for your cocktails and a range of alcoholic seltzers and weed tonics on the market. 

Some brands sell stronger THC brews which can be a great option if you want the best of alcohol and THC. Low-dose THC products that incorporate CBD and CBN are also available. These suit newbies and pros who may want a balanced cannabis experience. 

Control Over the High

No one wants the THC high to catch them off guard or overwhelm them. Control over your intake is essential to finding your perfect dosage.

THC edibles can be very unpredictable. Many people make the mistake of overeating edibles because the effects take time to set in. This often results in overwhelming high effects once THC digests.

Make sure you give your edibles time to digest and absorb before taking another one. Wait for at least two hours before dosing on more edibles to control your high or try THC drinks.

THC drinks can give you a lot of control over your intake. The quick effect resulting from the first few sips reduces the chances of overconsuming or getting too high.

Most cannabis beverages are fast-acting. This allows even newbies to avoid consuming more THC than they can sustain. THC drinks can advance a high in as little as 15 minutes, making dosing convenient and predictable. 

Flexibility With Consumption

One of the many benefits of weed drinks is their versatility. From weed tonics, seltzers, beverages, and soft drinks, there’s a THC drink for everyone. 

Beyond that, THC can be very flexible with how you can use them. You can make cocktails, create a cannabis concoction, or mix it with your favorite soft drink. You can also add them to ice cream or cooking recipes to create a tasty treat. 

THC Drinks and Edibles: What Is the Right Dosing

THC drinks and edibles can vary based on the cannabis strain and the amount of THC. Newbie-friendly THC edibles can contain as low as 5mg THC. Experienced or THC tolerant users can go for THC drinks or edibles containing 30+ mg of THC per dose.

But as you have learned above, drinks and edibles behave differently in your system. The high is likely to be instantaneous and shorter with weed tonics and drinks than with edibles.

With THC, you have to be cautious about increasing your dosage unless you’re a seasoned user. Pay attention to how your system responds before taking another hit, bite, or tab. Avoid taking more THC if you feel overwhelmed.

Cannabis products can produce unique effects from user to user. It’s impossible to determine your dosage by looking at how your friends respond to it. Some people will respond faster, and others slow.

Reactions to cannabis mostly depend on internal factors. Your body weight, fats, and tolerance levels will govern how you respond to THC. Seasoned users are more likely to take more THC drinks than newbies.

Also, watch out for THC concentrations in your products. Products with high levels of THC are bound to produce a stronger high. You have to be comfortable using low THC products before graduating to concentrated ones. 

In a nutshell, there’s no specific way to determine the correct THC dosage. How you consume it and your response mechanism are the best ways to determine your dosage. 

THC Drinks Vs. THC Edibles: What Offers an Easier Dosage? 

If you’re split between THC drinks vs. edibles, it will help if you understand which option offers an easy dosage. You should choose an option that allows you to enjoy weed and achieve your desired results.

THC drinks offer faster absorption with a smaller THC dose, so they’re a clear winner here. You only need a small number of weed drinks to feel what you’re seeking from cannabis.

Your body struggles to process orally ingested cannabis. Edibles may contain higher THC dosages than drinks but may fail to deliver your desired effects. 

You have to consume a lot of edibles to enjoy a stronger experience that isn’t recommendable. High THC dosages can pose dangerous side effects even for veteran weed users. 

THC is more enjoyable when the high is strong but short. You’re better off having a powerful high for a few hours rather than experiencing THC troubling side effects for days.

Weed tonics and cannabis seltzer allow you to manage your dose better and predict your high. A 10 mg weed tonic is far better than a gummy with a similar amount of THC. 

THC Drinks vs Edibles: Which Is Better?

No THC version is outrightly better for everyone. There are plenty of factors to consider when using THC drinks vs edibles. The version you’ll choose in the end depends on your needs.

Do you want an instant but short-lasting high or a gradual but long-lasting high? THC drinks are suitable for users looking for instantaneous results.

Define your needs and look for THC products with the right ingredients to support your goals. What a recreational user is looking for is different from what a medicinal user wants.

Remember to ask for proof of lab tests regardless of whether you’re buying THC drinks or edibles. Cannabis manufacturers will have their products certified as safe by third-party testing labs. Ensure your cannabis is safe before buying.

Feel free to keep browsing our cannabis section for the latest news. 


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