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A journey of rags to riches, the very headline was once picked by Forbes to picture the life of Sushil Singh, who is a famous Entrepreneur. Sushil is running three different organizations and one non-governmental organization (NGO). He started his entrepreneurial journey with SSR Techvision in the summer of 2015. Prior to that, he did work for some top firms. However, the information about those brands is being kept clandestine.    

SSR Techvision is a famous customer care service provider. The brand has working offices in India and the United States. It started in 2015 and now the brand is a famous name around the world. SSR Techvision brings several solutions to bridge the gap between customers and suppliers. They do work to fill the gaps which mostly break the very relationship. 

In the summer of 2019, Sushil Singh came up with another brand named as Saiva System. He is serving the role of Managing Director for this global recruitment firm. Saiva System works as a top recruitment organisation. They also have in-house IT brains who work with a motive to bring a revolution in this technical field. Saiva System operates with some of the IT firms around the world. It indeed shows the command of this organisation across the globe. 

In the same year, Sushil Singh, along with his wife Sarita Singh, launched a fashion brand named Deebaco. It’s a premium fashion brand, offering every modern trend of the glorious industry. The products of Deebaco are available on their site – Also, these products are available in other top online selling giants. From headbands to top-selling dresses, one can get everything on Deebaco. 

Sushil Singh also works hard on the NGO – Just Wish. It is a not-for-profit organisation set up to help humans and other parts of Earth in a similar fashion. Just Wish works on growing trees, making schools and working on every small and large event possible to help as many souls as possible. 

Some Facts to Know about Sushil Singh…

  • Sushil Singh did his schooling in Mumbai. However, his family’s roots are from the District Jaunpur, UP, India. 
  • He is a huge fan of travelling, one can take a look at his Instagram account to know how much he loves to visit different places. 
  • Sushil Singh is a college dropout. 
  • He has a cute daughter. 
  • Sushil Singh likes quality bikes. From his Instagram account, it looks as if he owns one Royal Enfield. 
  • Sushil does like cricket and other sports. He is a huge fitness lover. Hence, one can see him posting videos of gymming.

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